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Country music album reviews from Holler.

Album - Tommy Prine - This Far South

Tommy Prine - This Far South

This Far South reminds us that yes, Tommy Prine is his father's son, but he is his mother's too. At the heart of everything, he's just a guy with a guitar and something of his own to say.

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Black Deer Festival 2023 Review: 10 Best Acts

The stellar weekend of music cemented Black Deer’s reputation as a festival of choice amongst a growing calendar of UK country music highlights.

Album - Amanda Shires & Bobbie Nelson - Loving You

Amanda Shires & Bobbie Nelson - Loving You

Loving You not only captures the magnificence of American music, but serves as a glowing showcase for Bobbie Nelson and Amanda Shires.

Johanna Samuels - Bystander Album Cover

Johanna Samuels - Bystander

Overall, Bystander is a work of art, one that secures Samuels’ title as a songwriter’s songwriter. But it's not always user-friendly.

Tigirlily Gold - Blonde EP Cover

Tigirlily Gold - Blonde EP

With their infectious, instantly loveable melodies and unfiltered lyrical nous, there’s a defiant attitude but also such familiarity to Tigirlily Gold’s music.

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The Watson Twins - Holler

The energy of Holler is contagious and at just 35 minutes, nothing is extended past its breaking point. Don’t try to resist pushing play again after the last tune ends. That’s the true test of an album’s excellence, one The Watson Twins pass easily.