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Peytan Porter - Grown

Grown is not a frothy coming-of-age tale but a sharp, mature introspection from an emerging talent committed to the truth.

Album - Peytan Porter - Grown
March 1, 2024 9:48 pm GMT

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Peytan Porter - Grown

Label: Warner Chappell Nashville / Jody Williams Song / Red Light Management

Producer: Greg Bates

Release Date: March 1, 2024


1. Lemonade

2. God's Hotel

3. High Road

4. Speaking of Georgia

5. Grown

6. Run the Radio

In 2022, Peytan Porter released her debut pop-country collection, In My Head, showcasing her ability to craft unique hooks but overall sounding restrained by the glossy, polished production. Her newest project, Grown, dims the sparkle, allowing an authentic point of view to emerge, this time guided by a roots-tinged sound. It’s not a frothy coming-of-age tale but a sharp, mature introspection from an emerging talent committed to the truth.

Throughout the collection, Porter projects the longing, melancholic feelings of entering adulthood. ‘God’s Hotel’, though not Maren Morris’ ‘My Church’, is more forthright, delving into the evolving challenges of faith. She sings with intention, filling every line with understanding from a space of independent acceptance.

Filled with conflicting emotion, the title track bids farewell to Porter’s past, while ‘High Road’ is a gritty, bluesy romp, digging into her deeper register to earth-shaking, hand-clapping results. This sound evolves even more in the striking ‘Lemonade’ as she invests in her expansive range. It’s a lyrical highpoint from a natural storyteller unafraid to share differing perspectives.

Grown is a raw, deeply felt statement about growing up, letting go and moving on. Refusing to wear rose-colored glasses, Porter proves she’s the kind of artist willing to risk it all for a chance at finding clarity – and maybe themselves – through life’s jagged journey.


Peytan Porter's 2024 project, Grown, is available now via Warner Chappell Nashville.

Written by Soda Canter
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