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Lonestar - Ten To 1

TEN to 1 does not hint at the future, but instead make stops on a nostalgic road trip into the past.

Album - Lonestar - Ten To 1
June 1, 2023 9:56 pm GMT
Last Edited June 2, 2023 10:32 pm GMT

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Lonestar - Ten To 1

Label: Band Cave Records

Release Date: June 2, 2023

Producers: Dean Sams


1. No News

2. Come Cryin’ To Me

3. Everything’s Changed

4. Amazed

5. Smile

6. What About Now

7. Tell Her

8. I’m Already There

9. My Front Porch Looking In

10. Mr. Mom

After celebrating their 30th anniversary, Lonestar - composed of Dean Sams, Michael Britt, Keech Rainwater and new lead singer Drew Womack - decided to honor their career by re-imagining their ten no.1 hits.

Through the mid-90’s and early 00s, the group reached enviable heights of popularity with their signature crossover appeal, ranging from traditional country to full country pop. Now, in 2023, many might wonder what’s next for the group after decades of substantial achievement. TEN to 1 does not hint at the future, but instead make stops on a nostalgic road trip into the past.

Nevertheless, many of these destinations were better suited as pitstops, rather than full visits.

This isn’t to say that the album isn’t enjoyable. The sheer talent of the group shines bright. Sams, Britt, and Rainwater showcase the finest of their abilities as veterans who innately know how to put on a stellar show. Further, Womack has zero difficulty filling the boots of Richie McDonald, tackling each take with soulful investment.

Yet it’s the material itself that tends to weigh the project down, diminishing the capable quartet’s best intentions. ‘No News’ hits as hard as it did in 1996 and could easily rise again on the charts, while the reimagined production soars on ‘Come Cryin’ to Me’. Unfortunately, though, that brings more attention to the lack of lyrical depth on offer.

No ear can resist the temptations of ‘Amazed’. Like most substantial crossover hits, it became overplayed overtime, but as soon as Womack’s powerful voice hits the high notes on the chorus of this version, it’s impossible not to feel all the intended feels once more.

The light rock touches on ‘Tell Her’ create stellar results, while ‘My Front Porch Lookin’ In’ is still an absolute up-tempo delight. However, this momentum is ruined by the album closer ‘Mr. Mom’, which sinks into the depths of cringe through its bizarrely joyful display of dated gender stereotypes.

Lonestar has enough dynamic talent and commercial acclaim to take steps forward into the next phase of their impressive career, instead of becoming stuck finding new ways to showcase their past. Hopefully next time, they put their truck in drive and let their hearts take them to a new, exciting location.


Lonestar's 2023 album, Ten To 1, is out now via Band Cave Records.

Written by Soda Canter
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