Album Review

Drake Milligan - Jukebox Songs

With this vintage playlist, Milligan adds another layer to what’s becoming a striking catalog.

Album - Drake Milligan - Jukebox Songs
February 15, 2024 9:21 pm GMT
Last Edited February 16, 2024 1:12 pm GMT

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Drake Milligan - Jukebox Songs

Label: Stoney Creek Records

Producer: Trent Willmon

Release Date: February 16, 2024


1. What I Couldn't Forget
2. I Got A Problem
3. Don't Leave Me Loving You
4. Jukebox Songs and Barstool Beers

Where traditionalists likely winced at another “reality star” pursuing country music, Drake Milligan’s 2022 debut, Dallas/Fort Worth, actually presented him as a staunch student of traditional country music. Where Dallas/Fort Worth mixed modern ditties and swingin’ boot scooters, the follow-up Jukebox Songs EP wholeheartedly devotes itself to the latter, further demonstrating Milligan’s penchant for a neotraditional ditty.

With well-respected Texan producer Trent Willmon at the helm this time around, Jukebox Songs plays to all of Milligan’s strengths. His palpable energy is matched by a diverse set of songs that enable his smooth baritone to bring boots to the dance floor and place tears in beers at any honky tonk near or far.

While there’s admirable nods to Western Swing and his fellow Texan troubadour George Strait, Milligan astutely honors instead of imitating. He breezes through ‘What I Couldn’t Forget’ and delivers old-school charm on ‘Jukebox Songs and Barstool Beer’. Meanwhile, the slick piano opening on ‘I Got a Problem’ oozes with a rock-n-roll swagger that pulsates throughout.

Yet, the collection’s standout is the emotional ‘Don’t Leave Me Loving You.’ The ballad, written by Bobby Pinson, Matt Rogers and Ben Stennis (the latter two of ‘Til You Can’t’ fame), is Milligan’s best performance to date, the rich texture of his voice swelling from heartbreak on the jaw-dropping chorus.

Jukebox Songs plants Milligan at a perfect intersection where his striking talent matches his undeniable love of country music. With this vintage playlist, Milligan adds another layer to what’s becoming a striking catalog.


Drake Milligan’s new 2024 project, Jukebox Songs, is available now via Stoney Creek Records.

For more on Drake Milligan, see below:

Written by Soda Canter
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