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Cody Jinks – Change The Game

Change The Game is a striking chapter in a storied discography of one of country music’s most fascinating artists.

Cody Jinks - Change the Game Album Cover
March 20, 2024 7:03 pm GMT

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Cody Jinks - Change The Game

Label: Late August Records

Producer: Ryan Hewitt & Joshua Thompson

Release Date: March 22, 2024


1. Sober Thing

2. Outlaws and Mustangs

3. I Can’t Complain

4. Take This Bottle (feat. Pearl Aday)

5. Deceiver’s Blues

6. A Few More Ghosts

7. Change The Game

8. I Would

9. The Working Man

10. Wasted

11. Always Running

12. What You Love

Change The Game finds the reigning champ of modern outlaw country delivering his most mature album yet.

The driving force behind Cody Jinks’ legendary status is his commitment to artistic independence and ability to reinvent industry standards. This fierce spirit centers Change The Game as he turns these superpowers inward to offer reflections on his transformational journey.

While this diverse collection doesn’t stray from his established country rock sound, Jinks carefully selects pivotal moments to strip back production, placing his revered songwriting front and center. One such moment is sparse opener ‘Sober Thing’, a stunning take that finds Jinks at a critical crossroads. Not since Johnny Cash’s cover of ‘Hurt’ has there been such a painful rendering of the path to sobriety.

Never one to sugarcoat the truth, Jinks showcases the duality of this journey by representing impactful points of view with credible emotion. The downright defiant ‘I Can’t Complain’ finds him confronting his critics with open-armed acceptance, but on the bluesy ‘A Few More Ghosts’, he wishes for a reprieve from the torment. The galloping title track provides a celebration of his road to success, whereas on ‘Wasted’ he offers introspection into the remorse of his actions along the way.

Yet on ‘Always Running’ he aptly acknowledges that he’s never been alone on this path. In one of Jinks’ best vocal performances to date, he sings, “Always running back to you / When I leave I’m on my feet / Coming back I’m crawling on my knees,” revealing a passionate display of vulnerability and devoted appreciation of those closest to him.

The album’s success rests on Jinks’ succinct ability to pull back the curtain, revealing the heart of the man behind the mythical career. It’s a striking chapter in a storied discography of one of country music’s most fascinating artists.


Cody Jinks’ 2024 project, Change The Game, is available March 22 via Late August Records.

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Written by Soda Canter
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