Country Music Reviews

Album - Desiree Cannon - Radio Heat

Desiree Cannon - Radio Heat

A brave collection that works to transform grief into everlasting beauty, Radio Heat continues to build on Cannon’s profound skill as a songwriter and one-of-a-kind visionary.

Album - Drake Milligan - Jukebox Songs

Drake Milligan - Jukebox Songs

With this vintage playlist, Milligan adds another layer to what’s becoming a striking catalog.

Album - Blackberry Smoke - Be Right Here

Blackberry Smoke - Be Right Here

Be Right Here is a feel-good, easy-going collection made all the more replayable by Blackberry Smoke’s undeniable skill and magnetic wisdom.

Album - Redferrin - Old No. 7

Redferrin - Old No. 7

Old No. 7 is a persuasive, seven-point manifesto that outlines why Redferrin should be considered a chameleonic player in country music’s next generation.

The Castellows A Little Goes A Long Way artwork

The Castellows - A Little Goes A Long Way

At its core, A Little Goes A Long Way is the culmination of a lifetime of making music together, their angelic harmonies weaving together in a way only possible when you’ve been singing in unison all your lives.

Brit Taylor - Kentucky Bluegrassed Album Cover

Brit Taylor - Kentucky Bluegrassed

Kentucky Bluegrassed is a masterclass in revisiting a work and giving it a second life.