Country Music Reviews

Album - Tyler Hubbard - Strong

Tyler Hubbard - Strong

At face value, Strong harbors moments of hope, glimmers of effortless fun and easily earned nostalgia that will likely produce a summer hit or two, but it leaves much to be desired from a country record in 2024.

Album - Aaron Lee Tasjan - Stellar Evolution

Aaron Lee Tasjan - Stellar Evolution

Orbiting through an expansive, euphonic soundscape, Aaron Lee Tasjan creates with technicolor abandon, propelling Stellar Evolution deep into the cosmos.

Album - Marcus King - Mood Swings

Marcus King - Mood Swings

Mood Swings is a major sonic shift for the rising talent, stripping away King’s signature Gibson and focusing instead on his stop-you-dead-in-your-tracks vocals.

Album - Maggie Rose - No One Gets Out Alive

Maggie Rose - No One Gets Out Alive

Rose reminds us that even the coldest of truths can be a statement of power.

Katie Pruitt - Mantras Album Cover

Katie Pruitt - Mantras

A voyage told in staggering soundscapes and dazzling vocals, Katie Pruitt unearths the parts of herself longing to be embraced.

Cowboy Carter Artwork

Beyoncé - Renaissance Act II: COWBOY CARTER

In the end, the artist was right when she said ACT II: COWBOY CARTER was a “Beyoncé album” rather than a country one. Country alone doesn’t deserve to claim this masterpiece.