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Adeem The Artist - Anniversary

Anniversary cements Adeem The Artist as one of America’s most precious artists.

Album - Adeem the Artist - Anniversary
May 1, 2024 5:36 pm GMT
Last Edited May 2, 2024 11:51 am GMT

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Adeem The Artist - Anniversary

Label: Four Quarters Records / Thirty Tigers

Producer: Butch Walker

Release Date: May 3, 2024


1. 'There We Are'

2. 'Nancy'

3. 'Part & Parcel'

4. 'One Night Stand'

5. 'Nightmare'

6. 'Wounded Astronaut'

7. 'Carry You Down'

8. 'Socialite Blues'

9. 'Rotations'

10. 'Plot of Land'

11. 'Night Sweats'

12. White Mule, Black Man'

On ‘Rotations’, Adeem the Artist tenderly sings,’ “Only so long until I forget who I am and what I do / When I’m gone carry on, carry all there is left of me with you”.

While a vulnerable portrayal of parenthood, it further serves as an intention for the listener. With Anniversary, Adeem the Artist wholeheartedly gives themselves to us in the hopes of inspiring understanding and change.

Anniversary is a stirring collection of intricately woven musings on important moments along Adeem the Artist’s own journey. Recorded over a mere five days, they successfully capture the essence of each song’s moment in time by committing to a wide range of genre styles, adding colorful depths to the stories being shared.

The rustic ‘There We Are’ conjures dusty western sounds to bring Adeem the Artist’s vibrantly detailed love story to life. Singing “I know nothing but your name and I know it endlessly”, they breathlessly conjure the often wistful nature of fully loving someone. Whereas ‘One Night Stand’ vibrates with neon camp, delivering a delicious 90s fever dream for the queer community. Surging with guttural passion, the rollicking rock of ‘Nightmare’ commands an open ear by offering an alternative perspective on gender expression restrictions. By the time the irresistible chorus hits, it's impossible not to scream along in unified protest.

On the smokey ‘Socialite Blues’, their deeper register scintillates across an inspired and unexpected Piedmont Blues arrangement. Yet again, instead of shying away from a style that might have felt restrictive, they choose to fully dive in, marking their territory to thrilling results. In choosing to entwine classic and modern sounds, each moment of Anniversary lingers with intention as Adeem the Artist paints with their vast artistic range. In delightfully defying preconceived notions of musical barriers, they present a succinct statement of equality for all in country music and beyond.

No matter the topic covered, Adeem The Artist remains utterly relatable in their storytelling. They choose to invite, instead of exclude. This ability in making raw human connection is not only what makes them one of the most intriguing songwriters of the moment, but cements them as one of America’s most precious artists.


Adeem The Artist's 2024 album, 'Anniversary', is released May 3 via Four Quarters Records / Thirty Tigers.

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Written by Soda Canter
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