Holler Weekly Ep.08

Baylen and Kelly are joined by a very special guest - the one and only Priscilla Block!

Holler Weekly Podcast with Baylen Leonard, Kelly Sutton and Priscilla Block

With Special Guest Priscilla Block!

Every Tuesday, London's Baylen Leonard and Nashville's Kelly Sutton discuss the week in Country, Americana and Roots, from both sides of the pond.

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What do you do if you find Priscilla Block rushing through downtown carrying a bike and a case of beers she's found on the sidewalk? You don't expect anything less, that's what.

The TikTok sensation turned major label recording artist joins Baylen and Kelly to discuss how bumping into Taylor Swift convinced her to follow her dreams and how she managed to fashion an outfit for The Grand Ole Opry. Also, as the first challenger for the One Hot Minute championship belt, will she thrive or crack under the pressure? Will Baylen and Kelly even ask enough questions in time? Tune in to find out!

If that wasn't enough, Kelly opens the Holler Happy Hour with her very own cocktail class and Baylen reveals Miranda Lambert's secret recipe for the Lambertini! It's all here in a super-packed episode of Holler Weekly.

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