Holler Weekly Ep.06

Kelly brings home all the treats and insights from Dollywood. The pair discuss Thomas Rhett's return, balancing life and career and what country means to him. Also, they chat about their love for the wonderful Ashley Monroe.

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Dollywood, Thomas Rhett & Ashley Monroe

Every Tuesday, London's Baylen Leonard and Nashville's Kelly Sutton discuss the week in Country, Americana and Roots, from both sides of the pond.

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Kelly's been to Dollywood! Having tasted all the food, ridden all the rollercoasters and listened to all the exciting new artists working there, she gives us an exclusive round-up review of her weekend at Dolly's favourite theme park.

Plus, Thomas Rhett is back in the building! Having spoken to Holler's very own Ross Jones, TR is back with a brand new album and a new lease of life. Kelly and Baylen discuss the country star's route to balancing his life and career, returning to his roots and what country really means to him.

Finally, Ashley Monroe's new album Rosegold has got everyone excited for her return. One of Baylen's three favourite Pistol Annie's sat down with Jof Owen to discuss how she doesn't see this album as what would necessarily be called country.

We also explore your investigative work into Americana in this week's Mailbag, and Ernie returns! It's all here at Holler Weekly.

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