Holler Weekly: The Best of Season 1

Special Guests, Sandalgate and One Hot Minute!

HW Best of Season 1

The Best Bits From The First Season!

Every Tuesday, London's Baylen Leonard and Nashville's Kelly Sutton discuss the week in Country, Americana and Roots, from both sides of the pond.

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Well here we are, Season 1 is all wrapped up and what a joy it's been. While you all wait excitedly for Season 2, we thought we'd treat you to a compilation of our favourite bits from the last 15 weeks of the podcast.

Whether it's the lengthy debacle that was Sandalgate, the whole host of star-studded guests that have joined us, or Jof Owen's months-long investigation into what Americana really is, it's been quite the ride this season, and what better way to compile it all than in one big, 40-minute special episode.

We hope you all have enjoyed Season 1 - make sure you're subscribed to the newsletter to be the first to hear about all the exciting things we have planned for Season 2, and if you've missed any previous episodes you can listen to them on your favourite streaming platform or right here on Holler.

Holler at you soon!

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