The Best The Chicks Songs Playlist

The biggest country group of the 90s? You would be hard-pressed to argue against this trio.

The Best The Chicks Songs

We're making our beds and sleeping like babies.

From 'Gaslighter' to 'Wide Open Spaces', this is The Chicks Best Songs Playlist.

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There weren't many better in the 90s and 2000s than this trio.

Natalie, Martie and Emily blazed a trail with their honest, ballsy and empowering anthems. From 'Gaslighter' to 'Wide Open Spaces', this is the best songs of The Chicks playlist.

1. Wide Open Spaces - Wide Open Spaces

2. There's Your Trouble - Wide Open Spaces

3. Goodbye Earl - Fly

4. Ready to Run - Fly

5. Cowboy Take Me Away - Fly

6. Landslide - Home

7. Sin Wagon - Fly

8. Travelin' Soldier - Home

9. Not Ready to Make Nice - Taking The Long Way

10. Mississippi - DCX MMXVI Live

11. Gaslighter - Gaslighter

12. Bluegrass Instrumental - DCX MMXVI Live