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New Country Album Releases This Week

October 6, 2023 1:20 pm GMT
Last Edited April 18, 2024 3:25 pm GMT

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Where last week offered a flurry of high-octane releases from some of country and Americana's heavy-hitters, this week's releases provide a much more thought provoking collection.

While we await the arrival of Taylor Swift's much-anticipated new record, The Tortured Poet's Department – which is sure to full of some of our new favorite bops and weepers in equal measure – we've still been given plenty of good material to chew on in the meantime.

Marking her sophomore effort and her country debut, Christian powerhouse turned country darling Anne Wilson has gifted us with REBEL. One part “washed in the water" and another part "mud on the tires”, it's a altogether a glowing LP that proudly shows off Wilson's undeniable talent and places her at a unique spot in the country music landscape.

On the other side, Elvie Shane also returns with his sophomore album, which finds him both lamenting and celebrating the experience of blue-collar, American life in all its glory and grit. Spanning from country funk to heartland rock, Damascus is an impressive body of work that will get your gears spinning.

Without further ado, let's get into our favorite new country albums of the week.

Capitol CMG | 2024

Anne Wilson - REBEL

"Anne Wilson Is Both A Contemporary Christian Star & A Country Powerhouse"

Where her 2022 debut introduced listeners to her faith, Anne Wilson's new record shows off her intricacies beyond it.

On REBEL, there's a dichotomy that plays out across 16 tracks and, ultimately, perfectly describes who the young musician is at this point in her burgeoning career. A truly style-spanning experience, her faith-infused songs become more widely palatable, never coming off as holier-than-thou but instead wholly herself.

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Wheelhouse Records | 2024

Elvie Shane - Damascus

"Elvie Shane Brings Ferocious Songs To Life"

For an album named after the story of a complete conversion, Elvie Shane’s sophomore record is far more conciliatory and nuanced in the treatment of its subjects than you’d expect. A collection of story-led songs about blue-collar, American life that, spanning sonically from country funk to heartland rock, Shane showcases his sophisticated yet snaking lyrical pen.

In his commitment not to judge but to document, Shane's impressive record may not last as long as the city its named after, but will remain relevant longer than its polemical contemporaries.

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Written by Lydia Farthing