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New Country Album Releases This Week

October 6, 2023 1:20 pm GMT
Last Edited May 17, 2024 6:06 pm GMT

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After an electrifying night at the 59th Annual ACM Awards, some of country's newcomers and a few beloved Americana and folk acts have built upon that momentum, sending us into the weekend with a full playlist of new songs and albums.

After five years since their last record, The Avett Brothers have returned in splendor with their self-titled effort. With plenty of songwriting material at their fingertips from the last year, the pair of revered siblings build on their acclaimed career and leave listeners ready for more.

Meanwhile, this week also sees a pair of debut albums from newcomers Reid Haughton and Laci Kaye Booth. The former transporting us into smokey barrooms of old, and the former seamlessly riding the country-pop line. Both are fitting introductions to the respective artists and set them each up with solid foundations for what's to come.

Finally, folk prodigy Kaïa Kater leaves us on an introspective note, commenting on several social issues and taking us smack into the middle of a few moral crossroads. It's a heavy listen, but an oh so important one.

While we ride the high of the phenomenal ACM celebration, let's dive into Holler's New Country Album Release Round-Up:

Ramseur Records / American Recordings | 2024

The Avett Brothers - The Avett Brothers

"The Avett Brothers Continue To Pave Their Own Path"

If five years is a long time for a band to go between album cycles, then the five years that The Avett Brothers left between 2019’s Closer Than Together and their new, self-titled record offered up a veritable feast of songwriting material for the North Carolina brothers. Ever dedicated to following their own path, they've turned in a perfectly pleasant album garnished with bursts of their characteristic acappella across nine tracks.

What the album lacks in tangibles, it attempts to make up for in its creative use of tempo changes and vocal texture, capped off, as always, with superb vocal harmonies imbued with the magic of familial intimacy.

Read Holly Smith's full review of The Avett Brothers' self-titled album.

River House Artists | 2024

Reid Haughton - Higher Than 9

"Reid Haughton Is On The Fast Track To Stardom"

It was under the hazy lights of some college town bars that Reid Haughton first started cutting his teeth, where valuable lessons are imparted, and power and pluck are hard-earned one plastered crowd at a time.

Higher Than 9 is an electrifying release, a crank-it-up collection of tunes all fueled by muddied blues rock and red-hot Southern soul. It’s a record that offers an exciting glimpse into Haughton’s journey, finding the musician far from university watering holes and instead on the fast track to stardom.

Read Alli Patton's full review of Reid Haughton's Higher Than 9.

Geffen Records | 2024

Laci Kaye Booth - The Loneliest Girl in the World

"Laci Kaye Booth Is Set Up For Success"

This collection serves as a strong introduction to the rising artist, each track showcasing her ability to weave together personal narratives with a blend of country and pop influences. Unlike many of today’s top songs, designed to cater to algorithms, The Loneliest Girl in the World opts for crafting full narratives that give listeners the chance to get acquainted with Booth as an artist.

A perfect cocktail of heartfelt storytelling, angelic vocals and genre-blending sound, it’s an intoxicating country-pop mixology that will get listeners buzzing along from top to bottom.

Read Grace Derbyshire's review of Laci Kaye Booth's The Loneliest Girl in the World.

Free Dirt Records | 2024

Kaïa Kater - Strange Medicine

"One Of Folk Music's Most Intriguing Stars"

Like a seasoned archeologist, Kater excavates with meticulous care to bring visceral stories to light that confront colonialism, racism and misogyny. Digging to the depths with each carefully crafted song, she exposes centuries of exploitation, transforming these tragedies into something all the more hopeful: reclaimed power.

As one of folk music’s most intriguing stars, she continues to expand and explore her prenatural craft throughout Strange Medicine, creating not just a riveting body of emotional work, but a fierce statement of unbridled independence.

Read Soda Canter's full review of Kaïa Kater's Strange Medicine.

For more country albums being released in 2024, see below:

Written by Lydia Farthing
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