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Midland's New Album 2024: Everything We Know So Far

February 21, 2024 3:13 pm GMT
Last Edited May 22, 2024 4:07 pm GMT

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Expected Release Date: May 2024

Expected Title: Old Fashioned Feeling

Expected Tracklist*:

  • Up In Texas
  • Old Fashioned Feeling

*Confirmed to be eight songs long

Midland aren't known for being too liberal with their unreleased teasers and social media snippets, but thankfully, the band's front-man, Mark Wystrach, took to socials to suggest their new album would be arriving between April and May 2024.

On the trio's Instagram video of a recent performance, a follower commented, “Time for a new album boyz”, before Mark tantalisingly responded, “It's done and ready - April - May...”

With May almost over, it now looks like the album has been delayed - but we did excitingly get another new track, ‘Old Fashioned Feeling’, to follow ‘Up in Texas’, on May 22nd, so it seems the rollout for the band's forthcoming record is accelerating. ‘Old Fashioned Feeling’ marks the group's first song with Dave Cobb as producer, with the nostalgic track being cut at Georgia Mae Studios in Savannah, GA.

The two singles released so far are a couple of neo-traditional twangers in the form of smooth, swaggering Midland fan-favourites such as ‘Drinkin’ Problem’, and ‘Adios Cowboy’.

‘Up In Texas’ arose from a co-write between band-members Cameron Duddy and Jess Carson, as well as a couple of Music City maestros, Josh Osborne and Bryan Simpson.

The Texas band's previous album, 2022's The Last Resort: Greetings From, was primarily set against the backdrop of a broken-down Floridian motel, which mirrored the protagonist's heartbreak as he desperately sought a coastal escape from his troubles.

It's unclear whether Midland's 2024 project will be another concept album, but band-member Cameron Duddy did reveal some fascinating details about the record in a recent interview.

Duddy shared with Texas Music Magazine, “I can kind of give you a soft update on it. We’re looking to release - hopefully - around May. It’s an eight track album that we recorded with Dave Cobb in Savannah, Georgia over a two week stint in early December”.

He explained, “It’s the first time we’ve worked with Dave - and really the first time that we, since our first record, have lived in a studio and recorded that way. And man, it’s just mind blowing the results that we got when going back to that way of recording”.

As for the title of the hotly anticipated album, Cameron Duddy hinted that they have one in mind, but otherwise remained tight-lipped, “We’re circling one particular album name, but I would probably get my head chopped off if I told you it now”, before teasing, “But what I can say is that this is the most poignant thing that we’ve ever recorded, and really a level up in terms of songwriting and musicianship”.

It appears the new album is finished and ready to roll, so we're just hoping the project's release date hasn't been postponed by too much. Until then, we'll be dusting off our cowboy hats and crooning gleefully along to ‘Up in Texas’ and ‘Old Fashioned Feeling’.

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Featured photo by Laura Ord

Written by Maxim Mower
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