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EXCLUSIVE: Tyler Ramsey Premieres 'Where Were You'

February 6, 2024 2:00 pm GMT

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Sometimes the only reason you go away is so that you can come back; because coming back to something is not the same as never leaving. Sometimes you need to leave the place you came from just so that you can come back to it with new eyes and to see it more vividly, and so that the people you come back to see you differently too.

In 2017, Ramsey left the mainstage and the spotlight of Band of Horses after a decade in the group, all in an effort to, perhaps, find solid footing in his own personal life and musical endeavours - creatively and spiritually.

“I am a person that craves solitude,” Tyler Ramsey told us. “Being alone I can reconnect with emotions that I might otherwise try and hold off. And sometimes being away from your life and the people you love helps you see them more clearly. This song came out of being alone when I really needed to be.”

Taken from his forthcoming album New Lost Ages, ‘Where Were You’ is an almost desperate plea for personal peace in an overwhelming world.

“I need to hide away whenever I start feeling the way I do,” Ramsey sings. “There’s a place that I go just over these hills and up a gravel road when I lose my way and I can’t take anymore / I know I need to go / Shut out the news and kill my phone There’s no signal up here anyway.”

“Every day, I’m trying to slow down the wheels, so I can just watch and be with my family and absorb all the moments I get with them,” Ramsey explains.

New Lost Ages is a stop off on that quest. Due out on February 9th, the album was captured at the legendary Avast! Recording Co. in Seattle, Washington, by storied producer Phil Ek. Known for his work with Fleet Foxes, Father John Misty, The Shins and Built to Spill, it’s a partnership that allows Ramsey’s meticulous, intimate songs to positively soar.

“I’m more and more drawn to playing intimate shows for people,” Ramsey said. “Stripping away smoke and mirrors, being in a room with people and trying to create a moment - one person with a guitar and a room full of people that want to listen.”

This video, shot and directed by Parker Pfister, captures one of these rare moments of intimacy and almost-solitude, as Ramsey finds a quiet corner to perform a pin drop live acoustic performance of ‘Where Were You.’

Watch the video exclusively on Holler below.

New Lost Ages is released on 9th February.

Written by Jof Owen
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