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EXCLUSIVE: Rah Rah Rabbit Premiere ‘Game You’re Playing’

October 30, 2023 3:00 pm GMT
Last Edited November 2, 2023 3:46 pm GMT

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These days the best country music seems to be coming out of the most unlikely places. The new single from Rah Rah Rabbit, a rag-tag anti-country band from L.A. who sound like Rose Maddox fronting The Buckaroos, is proof of that.

The band is a bright light in the L.A.’s flourishing cosmic country scene, seamlessly weaving together elements of folk, roots, and psychedelia, and coming out the other side with their own uniquely trippy take on honky tonk country.

Formed by Laura Anne Lacy, AKA Rabbit, in May of 2022 in Los Angeles – after having previously released music as a solo artist and in the band Alice and the Rabbit, who played together for about 12 years - Rah Rah Rabbit have been making a name for themselves in the honky tonks and country nights in L.A. for the last year or so.

The band consists of Rabbit on lead vocal and rhythm guitar, Joe Napolitano on drums, Jillinda Palmer on background vocals, Dave “Mustang” Lang on bass, Andy Creighton on lead guitar, and either Phoebe Silva or Ari Bina on fiddle.

‘Game You’re Playing’ was written by Rabbit from beginning to end in the shower after a squabble with a former partner. She recorded it in the voice memos on her phone while driving to work and figured out the guitar part when she got home. She describes it as being one of those rare and lovely instances where a whole song comes to you in one piece from some deep-rooted frustrations in your gut and doesn’t really need much editing afterwards.

“If you’ve ever had to deal with someone who constantly plays games with your heart and spirit, this song is for you,” Rabbit explains. “This song was written about a particularly trying relationship that felt like a constant battle.”

“At a certain point Rabbit didn’t care if she won the fight anymore, she realized she no longer even wanted to play. Each lyric is toying with the idea of a different game that compares to the way this person is making her feel and we realize as the song progresses that she really is over it."

‘Game You’re Playing’ is premiering exclusively on Holler below.

Written by Jof Owen
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