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AMERICANAFEST 2023: Frequently Asked Questions

September 18, 2023 2:59 pm GMT
Last Edited December 19, 2023 7:26 pm GMT

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After an unforgettable 2022 celebration, AMERICANAFEST 2023 is back to take over Nashville once again with a plethora of unmissable showcases, conferences and seminars.

It's billed as a celebration of all the various musical influences that loosely huddle together under the umbrella of ‘Americana’, with artists blending “roots, folk, country, blues and soul-based music” throughout the five-day extravaganza.

In many ways, AMERICANAFEST 2023 serves as the perfect metaphor for the genre itself. The much-loved festival consists of a variety of eclectic but interlinked performances and debates, all being joined in the named of ‘AMERICANAFEST’, with subtle moments of overlap and shared ground between them.

As a result, there can be some confusion as to how best to go about tackling AMERICANAFEST. Should you buy individual tickets to each performance or seminar? Are Conference tickets separate to Festival tickets? Will you need to wear your finest running shoes in order to make it from venue to venue in time? And - the main concern of many - will you be grilled about what ‘Americana music’ actually is if you attend?

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Where is AMERICANAFEST 2023 taking place?

In short, Nashville.

AMERICANAFEST takes over just about every intimate venue you can think of in Music City, with shows lined up at Dee's Country Cocktail Lounge, The Westin, Vinyl Tap, Compass Records and more. You can find the full line-up of what's happening, when and where here.

What dates will AMERICANAFEST 2023 take place?

AMERICANAFEST 2023 will be spread across five days, kicking off on September 19th and concluding on the 23rd.

Who is performing at AMERICANAFEST 2023?

An easier question to answer would be who isn't performing at AMERICANAFEST 2023. There's a stacked line-up in store for all attendees, with a sprawling roster of artists due to serenade ticket-holders throughout the five-day festival.

Performers include Amythyst Kiah, Bahamas, The Band Of Heathens, Bobby Rush, Kaitlin Butts, Lori McKenna, Susto, William Prince, Wyatt Flores, William Prince, Tommy Prine, Willi Carlisle, Summer Dean, Alex Hall, Brennen Leigh, Brit Taylor, Adeem the Artist, The Wandering Hearts, The Wilder Blue, William Matheny and more.

You can find the full AMERICANAFEST 2023 line-up here, with a full breakdown of venue-by-venue performances here.

What should I wear to AMERICANAFEST 2023?

For the vast majority of venues, there's no strict dress code, but bear in mind it's set to reach the mid eighties and possible low nineties in Nashville while AMERICANAFEST 2023 is taking place.

As with any Americana gig, a healthy dose of flannel won't go amiss - and bonus points if you bring a trucker cap. If you're looking for some inspiration as to what to wear, check out Holler's insightful guide to The Best Country Festival Outfit Ideas.

What do I do if I lose my AMERICANAFEST 2023 ticket?

Unfortunately, if you lose either your Conference or Festival ticket to AMERICANAFEST 2023, the only solution given by the Americana Music Association is to purchase another.

While doing so, we recommend queueing up ‘I'd Like To Have That One Back’ by George Strait, as you might find the titular sentiment pretty relatable right about now.

What's the best way to travel between the AMERICANAFEST 2023 venues?

Most regular AMERICANAFEST 2023 attendees recommend you don't overbook yourself, as trying to zig-zag your way across town can be tricky, depending on which venues you're trying to get to. Also - particularly for the bigger names - the queues will be hefty, and you'll be better off arriving at the venue early to ensure you secure a spot inside.

When you do need to travel during AMERICANAFEST 2023, some showcases and seminars are within walking distance of one another, while others will be best reached via ride-share apps such as Uber.

Do I need to buy separate tickets to Conferences and Festivals at AMERICANAFEST 2023?

A ‘Conference + Festival Pass’ will gain you access to all the official events on the AMERICANAFEST 2023 schedule, including “education panels, parties, luncheons, showcase performances” and more.

A ‘Festival Pass’ will get you into all performances and showcases taking place at the official AMERICANAFEST 2023 venues, including an assortment of other “special events and parties”.

On the day-by-day schedule - which you can find here - it clearly indicates whether the event requires a ‘Conference + Festival Pass’ or whether you can access it with only a ‘Festival Pass’.

Can I buy tickets to individual showcases?

Tickets will be available to purchase on the door for a number of shows, providing AMERICANAFEST 2023 has not sold-out and that the venue capacity allows for additional attendees.

Are AMERICANAFEST 2023 venues accessible for those with mobility disabilities?

Yes, according to the AMERICANAFEST 2023 website, all participating venues are accessible and ADA compliant. Three venues in particular - 3rd and Lindsley, City Winery and Station Inn - are name-checked by the Americana Music Association as having large seated areas.

The AMERICANAFEST 2023 organisers recommend arriving early if you need to sit during the performances, as these seated zones will be distributed on a first-come, first-served basis.

Where should I stay during AMERICANAFEST 2023?

The official AMERICANAFEST 2023 host hotel is The Westin Nashville, with showcases lined up at the venue throughout the week. The AMERICANAFEST 2023 room block at The Westin is now sold out, but other rooms may still be available.

For a list of other Nashville hotel options for AMERICANAFEST 2023, check here. As these can get quite expensive during the week of AMERICANAFEST 2023. For next year, we highly recommend you find yourself a kind-hearted, Nashville-based friend with a spare room.

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Featured photo by Amanda Wicks.

Written by Maxim Mower
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