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Esther Rose Announces New Album How Many Times

January 26, 2021 4:35 pm GMT
Last Edited May 15, 2023 1:41 pm GMT

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Esther Rose has announced her new album How Many Times, which arrives March 26 via Full Time Hobby. She has also shared a music video for the title track, “How Many Times.”

In the video, the New Orleans singer-songwriter is seen walking around the French Quarter at night.

Rose said that movement influenced her forthcoming album. She looked to natural cycles to counter the momentum she felt in her own life, after moving three times in two years and touring non-stop.

“That’s how I untangle what’s on my mind, by going off for a walk into wild places,” she has stated. “That’s what makes this album a country album. It’s not really just about feeling better, it’s about feeling it, what it is.”

Rose appeared on GemsOnVHS late last year to perform another track from the new album, 'Keeps Me Running', which you can watch below.

Rose released her sophomore album You Made It This Far in 2019, and followed it with an EP of covers and singles, My Favorite Mistakes, in 2020.

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Written by Amanda Wicks
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