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Warren Zeiders Announces New EP and Releases Addictive New Single, ‘Pretty Little Poison’

March 17, 2023 12:45 pm GMT
Last Edited June 12, 2023 9:34 am GMT

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After weeks of teasers and snippets, Warren Zeiders has at long last released his new single, ‘Pretty Little Poison’.

The dramatic, fiery track finds the country prodigy accepting his fate as he gives in to the allure of a woman he can never truly let go.

Through an array of visceral imagery, Zeiders compares his passion to the feeling of being addicted to a drug, with the song's love interest being his own personal ‘Pretty Little Poison’.

This sense of dark temptation is amplified by the ominous, eerie visuals accompanying the track.

The anthem features Zeiders’ trademark powerhouse vocals, which are underpinned by an emotional rasp that adds to the evocative, heart-rending nature of the song.

Speaking ahead of the new release, Zeiders emphasised how special ‘Pretty Little Poison’ is to him, “This is my favourite song that I’ve ever written. Like a moth to a flame, this song is about being led into temptation between love and toxicity. Choosing something or someone that we ultimately know will hurt us in the end”.

The Pennsylvania native also announced today that ‘Pretty Little Poison’ will feature on his upcoming EP of the same name.

The project will also include Zeiders’ other recent single, ‘West Texas Weather’, which has already become a favourite among fans.

Since Warren Zeiders made his widely celebrated 717 Tapes record available last year, listeners have been clamouring for the rising star to release his follow-up album.

That record is set to arrive later this year, with the new ‘Pretty Little Poison’ EP serving as a sampler of the upcoming full-length project.

Alongside the title-track and ‘West Texas Weather’, the new EP will also feature two brand new songs.

Zeiders is presently out on the road for his Pretty Little Poison headlining tour, with high-profile appearances lined up at a number of festivals, including Faster Horses, Stagecoach and CMA Fest.

Written by Maxim Mower
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