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Spencer Thomas Drops Sweeping Solo Release 'The Joke of Life'

May 17, 2024 2:30 pm GMT

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What do you get when swirling harmonies marry plush arrangements in one truly hypnotic release? The Joke of Life, of course.

Spencer Thomas has officially released his sophomore solo effort The Joke of Life, a sweeping masterpiece that drips with dreamy lyricism and Pet Sounds-esque genius.

An album borne from the experiences of change and the struggles of becoming, The Joke Of Life chronicles a era of rebirth for the Futurebirds keyboardist. A pandemic, a move, a parade of personal tests – these all backdrop Thomas' redefining release.

"I learned to laugh instead of cry," the artist shared of the album with Magnet Magazine, comparing this new record to his 2019 solo debut, Hangin’ Tough. "The Joke Of Life shows maturity. I’d stared the depression described in Hangin’ Tough in the face—and I understood its sources enough to conquer them. Mostly. I got to know myself and gained insight into what made songs interesting to me."

He described diving into acts like the Replacements and singer-songwriters like Leonard Cohen and Warren Zevon. "I love the big, interesting instrumentation of the Beach Boys’ Pet Sounds and Cohen’s Death Of A Ladies’ Man," he explained. "I wanted that classic sound with modern capabilities. There’s more 'he, she, you and us' on this album. I learned to take the magnifying glass off myself, and I found the humor and profundity in daily existence."

With the help of members of My Morning Jacket, Drive-By Truckers, Reptar, Heffner and more, Thomas boldly traverses expectation and reality on The Joke of Life, capturing a striking snapshot of existence in the rich amber of the record's ten tracks.

Listen to Spencer Thomas' new album, The Joke of Life, here.


The Joke Of Life Track List:

1. 'The Joke of Life'
2. 'Little Gold'
3. 'Always Never You'
4. 'Desperate Man'
5. 'Woman Who Smokes Cigars'
6. 'Unwanted Son'
7. 'Dream Lilac'
8. 'How Come Heartbreak'
9. 'Fake Rain'
10. 'Misty Eyes'

Written by Alli Patton
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