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RVSHVD Releases New Country-Rap Anthem, ‘Hit Different’

January 26, 2023 3:07 pm GMT
Last Edited June 7, 2023 5:07 pm GMT

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Genre-blending maverick RVSHVD has released his brand new single, ‘Hit Different’, along with an accompanying music video.

‘Hit Different’ finds RVSHVD doubling down on his unique fusion of country and rap, with the lyrics detailing the Georgia native's sense of loyalty to both his rural Southern roots and his rap-inspired sonic upbringing.

Over a fiery beat, RVSHVD croons, “Alpines bumping dirty south hip hop / Mix in with some country boy Rick Ross / Throw in a little Lil Wayne with a little bit of Travis Tritt”.

RVSHVD has explained before that he was initially situated in the R&B and rap sphere, before stumbling across a song from Keith Urban, which subsequently shifted his musical direction towards country.

The artist outlines, “’Hit Different’ is about how life is in South Georgia. A lot of people back home will relate to it. People in the South have their own version of what ’country‘ means, and this is ours”.

The blistering track epitomises the increasing removal of barriers that have previously stood between country, rap, rock and R&B.

The ‘Hit Different’ music video also pays tribute to this, with a series of appearances from other artists that are refreshingly blurring the lines between genres, such as fellow country-rap artist, Willie Jones.

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Written by Maxim Mower
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