Video Still - Morgan Wallen - Last Night (One Record At A Time Session)

Morgan Wallen Performs ‘Last Night’ During New ‘One Record At A Time’ Session

February 24, 2023 5:51 pm GMT
Last Edited June 8, 2023 5:09 pm GMT

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As the anticipation continues to build ahead of Morgan Wallen's upcoming album, One Thing At A Time, the Sneedville superstar has started a brand new video series.

In today's first instalment, Wallen performs his chart-topping single, ‘Last Night’, alongside a handful of band-members.

Despite not being equipped with the slick production of the studio version, Morgan Wallen's fierce vocals ensure the song still carries the same level of energy and intensity.

Fans are hoping the Sneedville superstar will release ‘One Record At A Time Session’ renditions of other songs from the new album.

The likes of ‘You Proof’ and ‘Everything I Love’ in particular would take on an entirely different feel, when removed of their electronic elements.

Although the new video has stripped back some aspects of ‘Last Night’, it has certainly amplified the keenness with which listeners are looking forward to Wallen's upcoming project, One Thing At A Time.

As the ‘More Than My Hometown’ hitmaker gears up for the release, which is scheduled for March 3, he continues to rack up the accolades at an unprecedented rate.

Earlier in the week, Morgan Wallen became the first artist this decade to hit No. 1 on all five of Billboard's Country charts.

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