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Kenny Chesney is Working on a New Album - and We Can't Wait

January 13, 2024 5:08 pm GMT

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Kenny Chesney has offered his loyal No Shoes Nation fanbase the news we've been keenly awaiting since 2020 - the ‘Big Star’ hitmaker is working on a studio album.

The Knoxville native has shared some details about the mindset he's been in recently, as well as delving into the creative process as he considers which songs to include on the tracklist.

Excitingly, the new record - which appears to be lined up for 2024 - will serve as the first studio album from the country legend since his lauded 2020 project, Here and Now.

In a Nashville interview, Kenny Chesney underlined, “I’m ready. Because of the amount of time we’ve had to work… and not just work, but really just hang out, write, experiment and play with different kinds of music… I got to go places, do some things we wouldn’t normally try because we have such a clear vision of what we’re trying to do”.

The multiple Entertainer of the Year winner, who is renowned for his island-inspired, beachside anthems such as ‘Beer in Mexico’, ‘We Do’, ‘Summertime’ and ‘When The Sun Goes Down’, explained, “Of course, I have to figure out which of the songs makes this record… what or why we’re holding some of these recordings for… and what’s the best collection of songs we can give No Shoes Nation. We’ve been having an ongoing conversation about life, love, friendships, what we lose and the people we remember since ‘Young,’ and that’s something I’m mindful of”.

During the interview, Kenny Chesney revealed that he's co-written several of the songs that are set to appear on the album, “I never want to just force songs on a record because I wrote them. But I love the process of writing, whether I’m writing with friends or new people… It opens up how you see the world, and music. But I’ve got four or five that I feel pretty sure are gonna be on this album”.

This has undoubtedly whetted the appetites of fans, with some of Kenny Chesney's most revered works, such as Be As You Are: Songs From An Old Blue Chair, being those which are his most personal, with Kenny leading the writing process.

Having said that, even when Kenny is not featured as a writer on a particular track, the chart-topping artist consistently finds a way to connect and make the song feel as though it's his own - exemplified on his most recent single, ‘Take Her Home’.

Kenny Chesney outlined how the upcoming record will stay true to the life-affirming themes that pervade his discography, “There is so much to say – and sing – about lives people between the coasts are experiencing. It doesn’t take a lot to be happy, if you choose to seek it, just like the passion people beyond New York and L.A. employ every day is every bit as thrilling. To me, that’s what my songs are made of”.

Given how it's been almost four years since we were last treated to an album from Kenny, fans will be glad to hear that his 2024 project is shaping up to be a lengthier offering, “Looking at this list, I wouldn’t be surprised if this record comes in a little bit longer than normal, because there are too many good songs to leave behind”.

Here's hoping Kenny Chesney follows in the footsteps of his fellow Tennessean, Morgan Wallen, and gifts listeners 30-plus songs to enjoy as they gear up for the summer.

Either way, new music from Kenny is always cause for celebration, and we're keeping our fingers crossed that he decides to drop another single or two in the coming weeks.

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Written by Maxim Mower
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