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John Moreland Surprise Drops New Folk-Rock Album, Titled 'Visitor'

April 5, 2024 2:36 pm GMT

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Surprise! John Moreland has released his latest offering, Visitor, stealthily arriving on Friday, April 5.

The 12-track album, a searing collection of transparent and thoughtful folk-rock, was born in isolation, coming alive during the artist's year-long break from the road and the world.

“At the end of [2022], I was just like ‘Nobody call me’. I needed to not do anything for a while and just process”, the artist shares. "In 2023, during a year-long break from touring, in an attempt to regain my sanity, I stopped using a smart phone for 6 months, and wrote this album”.

What resulted was Visitor, a record about the troubling world around us. Encapsulating themes both political and personal, Visitor is a brilliant showcase of Moreland's artistry and insight.

“I recorded it in my living room, with help from my wife, Pearl Rachinsky," he continues of the album's creation. "I wanted to make a natural sounding folk-rock record. Simplicity and immediacy felt very important to the process, so I knocked out the tracking in about 10 days, playing every instrument on the album myself, save for one guitar solo (John Calvin Abney - 'The More You Say, The Less It Means'), and Pearl contributed some [background vocals] on one song ('Ain't Much I Can Do About It'). Lyrical themes include digital life vs actual life, a bit of 'What the hell is up with the world?,' and a whole bunch of 'What the hell is wrong with me?'"

After the year-long break from touring, Moreland will hit the road this April in support of the release. The United States stint will see the artist on tour through June.


Visitor Track List:

1. 'The Future Is Coming Fast'

2. 'Gentle Violence'

3. 'One Man Holds The World Hostage'

4. 'Sobo Interlude'

5. 'The More You Say The Less It Means'

6. 'Will The Heavens Catch Us'

7. 'Blue Dream Carolina'

8. 'Silver Silver'

9. 'Ain’t Much I Can Do About It'

10. 'No Time'

11. 'Bixhoma Interlude'

12. 'Visitor'


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Written by Alli Patton
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