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Hailey Whitters’ ‘Everything She Ain't’ Goes Gold

February 27, 2023 4:28 pm GMT
Last Edited June 9, 2023 9:07 am GMT

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‘Everything She Ain't’ is quickly becoming Hailey Whitters’ most popular song to date.

The fun, uptempo anthem has been certified Gold, with the single now having moved the equivalent of 500,000 units.

The irresistibly catchy earworm celebrates all the reasons why Whitters’ love interest should choose her instead of a more superficial, materially-focussed alternative (“She ain't a peach you oughta be picking / She ain't the cup of tea you oughta be sipping“).

Earlier in the year, Hailey Whitters showcased the down-home charm of ‘Everything She Ain't’ to a national audience, as she made her TV debut on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

That performance has helped to propel the single into the Country Radio Top 30. ‘Everything She Ain't’ continues to build momentum as Whitters tours the country on her Raised tour, which will take her across Missouri, Nebraska, Nevada and more.

‘Everything She Ain't’ was given a refresh on Hailey Whitters’ new Apple Music Sessions EP.

As well as re-recording the now-Gold single, the singer-songwriter also released covers of Alan Jackson's ‘Gone Country’ and The SteelDrivers’ ‘Heaven Sent’.

As ‘Everything She Ain't’ continues to earn Hailey Whitters new accolades and listeners alike, many are expecting the single to continue its ascendency into the Country Radio Top 10.

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