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Fans Think Brian Kelley's New Song, ‘Kiss My Boots’, Was Written About Tyler Hubbard

February 28, 2024 3:44 pm GMT

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Brian Kelley has taken to his socials to teased a new song, ‘Kiss My Boots’, which is out on March 6 and is directed at someone who's been “throwing dirt on my name round this town”.

Fans have immediately started speculating the track was written about BK's former Florida Georgia Line partner, Tyler Hubbard. In a later post, Brian Kelley delved into the inspiration behind the song, alluding to some mental struggles he was facing a couple of years ago, which seems to be in the aftermath of the duo's split.

Brian Kelley shared, “My mental health coach told me a couple years ago as I was navigating through an extremely difficult, hurtful, and confusing time, “the person with the highest emotional intelligence has the highest responsibility.” So as hard as it was in those moments to take the high road, I took her advice and I sat back and “ate my popcorn”. Everyone processes differently. I went inward. And it all came out in a song. Now it’s time for y’all to get your popcorn”.

Across a couple of the original socials snippets, Brian Kelley introduces the clip of new music, “I've been quiet and I took the high road. The truth is I have a deep wound. After cranking some Hank and drinking some Jack, I have some truth to share”.

After hearing this last line and the music that plays over the rest of the clip, fans deduced it was ‘Kiss My Boots’, which Brian Kelley has performed live a few times in recent months.

The fiery song finds BK taking some courage from Hank Williams Jr. and Jack Daniels, and subsequently serving up a middle finger to someone that's been deriding him to his friends.

When FGL began their hiatus in 2022, there were various reports that the split was less than amicable, with rumours that BK and Tyler had clashed politically during the 2020 election.

During an exclusive conversation with Holler last year, Brian Kelley shared further details of what went down, revealing that he'd initially wanted to keep Florida Georgia Line going alongside his solo career, “From day one of me initiating conversations about having and needing an extra outlet to honour my artistry, [the goal] - and the whole reason I moved to Nashville making music - was to do both”.

The ‘Boat Names’ singer-songwriter went on to stress, “You know, I really tried, it was my goal was to do both and keep both things going and to see the big holistic picture of how everything can work. Obviously, that didn't happen”, before underlining he's now channelled any frustrations that arose from this into his music. It seems these will be coming to the surface on his new song, ‘Kiss My Boots’.

Fans of FGL will be hoping Brian Kelley's decision to share any grievances he's been holding on to in relation to the break-up will lead to the chance to clear the air with Tyler, which will hopefully pave the way for the two chart-toppers to become buddies again.

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Written by Maxim Mower
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