Liam St. John sitting against a Yellowstone-vibe backdrop

Exclusive: Liam St. John Previews Electric New Song and Music Video for ‘Believer’

June 27, 2024 4:54 pm GMT

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Liam St. John is offering fans a taste of his highly anticipated Believer EP, which drops tomorrow (Friday, June 28) with the project's title-track previewing exclusively at Holler.

It's an evocative, rock-tinged anthem that oozes gravitas and encapsulates the spirit of the new EP, with the Tennessee singer-songwriter viscerally exploring his thorny relationship with faith through the atmospheric, weighty verses, before crediting his partner as the one who he feels truly devoted to in the euphoric hook.

“That type of love is the thing I could sacrifice my soul for”, Liam St. John muses ahead of the song's release, with ‘Believer’ permeated by a sweet, rose-tinted portrayal of love and commitment, while still carrying dark, brooding undertones.

These are brought to the fore in the cinematic music video that accompanies the new track, with Liam St. John providing the dramatic sequel to the ‘Landslide Over The Highway’ visuals. After the rip-roaring getaway in the latter, the ‘Believer’ video serves up a twist in the tale, mirroring the stormy ambience of the track.

When reflecting on the central driving force behind the album, Liam St. John concluded, “I've been pursuing this career for a long time, but…being candid and telling my story…That's what has resonated the most with my audience. I’ve found that the best way to connect with others is to tell the story only you can tell”.

‘Believer’ will be joined by ‘Landslide Over The Highway’, ‘forefathers’ and ’Dipped in Bleach’, all of which showcase Liam St. John's emphatic, striking style of blues-rock.

It marks Liam St. John's first project with Big Loud Rock, with the genre-fusing crooner signing with the Nashville label earlier in June, and fans will certainly be hoping this Believer EP will soon be expanded into an album. Judging by how eclectic, raw and emotionally charged this four-song collection is, we think it's safe to say we have good reason to look forward to St. John's next full-length studio record.

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Written by Maxim Mower
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