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EXCLUSIVE: July Moon Premiere New Single ‘Someone Like Me’

August 9, 2023 12:30 pm GMT

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What’s the point in even being in a band if you can’t play your own wedding?

Written with AJ Pruis and the legendary songwriter Liz Rose, the new single from country trio July Moon was inspired by the marriage of band member Piper Bateman, and the trio even performed the song at her wedding.

Taking the creamy 70s FM rock of Fleetwood Mac and shaking it up it with the ice cool 90s country of The Chicks and the sexual politics of the Spice Girls, July Moon bring a distinctive pop playfulness to their harmony-soaked country rock.

Made up of Bateman, Cassidy Daniels and Braelyn Watt, the band have already released two irrepressible country pop singles - ‘Champagne Plans’ and ‘You Think You Know Someone’ - in 2023, and now they’re slowing things down a little and showing their romantic side on the follow up ‘Someone Like Me.’

Not that they’re going soft on us. If you’re going to get loved up with July Moon then you’d better be prepared to take them exactly as they are.

“I’m a hard-earned wreck-less lesson that you’re gonna learn / You can bet that I’ll keep you guessing at every turn,” they sing, but the song is as much a tribute to the object of their affections as it is a fierce declaration of their own independent spirit.

“Writing ‘Someone Like Me’ was a fun day,” Braelyn remembers. “We all met at Liz’s house and started talking about our lives, and at the time Piper was about to get married, so we all just felt inspired to write a love song with soaring harmonies. We wanted to write a song that could potentially be sung at her wedding, so with that in mind, we drew inspiration from their relationship, as well as incorporating qualities from each of us and what we hope we’ll all have one day.”

“Working with Liz has been a dream for July Moon,” adds Cassidy. “She has taught us so much but overall, she really taught us how to be in a band and work cohesively. She’s never failed to show the band what it takes to be successful in the industry, and her endearing title ‘Mama Liz’ is well earned.”

“This song is really special to July Moon because we got to write it with Liz which in itself is such a privilege of an experience,” says Piper. “It is also really meaningful to me personally because it is inspired by my husband, and I sang it with July Moon at my wedding last September. It’s really a relatable song to anyone who loves someone with a free and wild spirit. It takes a special kind of person to love someone who is following a passion or a dream. So, I am very grateful to have him and therefore this song!”

Wedding bands don't come much better than this. ‘Someone Like Me’ is premiering exclusively at Holler below.

The love goes both ways too. "July Moon is a fresh, talented female trio that hit all the boxes for me,” says Liz Rose. “From their standout vocals and harmonies to their craft of songwriting, I knew they had something special to share.”

“I have had the privilege of working alongside July Moon for the last year and I am proud of how far they have come in such a short time,” she added. “Writing ‘Someone Like Me’ with July Moon and AJ Pruis was such a rewarding experience. Piper Bateman’s upcoming wedding was what inspired the idea, and it all just came together from there. July Moon has such an authentic and honest story to be shared and I am happy to have been a small part of this journey with them."

‘Someone Like Me’ is released on August 11th on Liz Rose Records.

Written by Jof Owen
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