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EXCLUSIVE: Jessi Colter Premieres Video for ‘Angel in the Fire’

February 14, 2024 2:00 pm GMT

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We’re keeping the Galentine’s Day vibes going a little bit longer here at Holler with an exclusive premiere of the moving new video from outlaw country legend Jessi Colter; a love letter to her many girlfriends throughout the years.

A heartfelt tribute to female friendships everywhere, ‘Angel in the Fire’ is a song that will resonate with any woman who has ever turned to the women around her to hold her up when life tries to drag her down. It’s a song for those friendships that are only ever a phone call away, that inspire you, keep you grounded, build you up and give you the strength to move through whatever life tries to stand in your way. A song for all the reassuring hugs and listening ears that come from your co-conspirators in life’s great adventure.

"This song was inspired by Lisa Kristofferon,” Jessi Colter told us. “It’s dedicated to all my girlfriends, those who handle life's little ups and downs with grace."

Watch the video for ‘Angel in the Fire’ exclusively below.

Jessi Colter has long been considered the Queen of Outlaw Country. She featured on the chart-topping 1976 CMA Album of the Year winner Wanted! The Outlaws compilation alongside Waylon Jennings, Willie Nelson and Tompall Glaser.

“They kind of pulled me in there as the token girl of the group. I laughed and Waylon laughed, I said, ‘I’m the only one who has a gold record in this group!’ but I looked like I was just the girl they put on the album,” Colter recalls.

Her songs like ‘I’m Not Lisa,’ the Mickey Newbury-penned ‘Why You Been Gone So Long’ (which Margo Price often covers live) and ‘Storms Never Last,’ a duet with Jennings, came to define the sound of an emerging movement in country music that still endures today.

She released her memoir, An Outlaw and a Lady, in 2017, and, while promoting the book, she invited Margo Price to an event where they became instant friends. They met up when Price was on the road a few times and, at a family dinner one night, Price asked her to show her some of the songs she’d written. Colter played a few at her home that evening. Jeremy Ivey, Price’s husband, told her, “It would just be great if you’d cut one more album.” And she was convinced.

In the spring of 2019, they came together in Nashville to make Edge of Forever, made up of songs new and old. The album was released in 2023, the same year that Jessi Colter celebrated her 80th birthday.

Edge of Forever is out now on Appalachia Record Co.

Written by Jof Owen
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