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EXCLUSIVE: Chase Bryant Premieres Video for ‘Where the Good Ones Go’ Featuring Jake Owen

June 17, 2024 1:00 pm GMT

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“I go to seek the great perhaps” were the last words of French philosopher François Rabelais. A simple, spiritual optimism that Chase Bryant channels on his latest single, ‘Where the Good Ones Go.’ Featuring Jake Owen, the song takes a look back at the life he’s lived and what the road ahead has in store for him as he and Owen ponder life’s biggest question.

“Jake was one of the first people on the planet to reach out to me when I was struggling with my mental health journey,” Bryant says. “He’s always been there for me to just listen and be a friend! This song is special to me in so many ways. I couldn’t imagine there being a more perfect person to sing it with than Jake.”

Born in 1993 and hailing from the small Texas town of Orange Grove, Chase Bryant was a youngster with music in his blood - his grandfather was Jimmy Bryant, the legendary Nashville session guitarist, and his uncles Jeff Bryant and Junior Bryant were founding member of the country band.

After breaking through in 2014 with ‘Take It On Back,’ the eponymous EP that followed and ‘Hell If I Know’, a period of severe depression put Bryant's career in a tailspin, and in 2018 he attempted to commit suicide, though he was saved when his shotgun failed to fire. After re-evaluating his life and career, Bryant chose to return to music on his own terms, and he made his comeback with the album Upbringing in 2018.

Written by Chase Bryant, Bob DiPiero and Chris Loocke and produced by Bryant with Jon Randall and Casey Wood, ‘Where the Good Ones Go’ is Bryant’s first preview of his upcoming Cayo del Grullo EP, due out in August and named after a favourite Texas vacation spot from his childhood - a part of Baffin Bay not far from his grandparents’ family farm.

Bryant grew up visiting his grandparents in that South Texas house and had the opportunity to move there during the pandemic where he created his first professional studio in their old pool house. With the help of his fellow Texan and friend Jon Randall and his longtime engineer Casey Wood, the EP was born in that very studio, capturing all the lifelong memories that the home brings.

“It’s the most country beach town you've ever been to,” he says. “My wife and I lived there for a bit. I bought my grandparents’ old house, and I turned my granddad's pool room into a full-blown recording studio. It was so cool to record in one of the rooms where I grew up learning how to play guitar and sing.”

Where the Good Ones Go’ now has a suitably poignant video to accompany it, as Chase Bryant shows us what he means when he says he wants to go to that place “where the good ones go.”

“I shot this video with my buddy Justin Allen, who has done some incredible work in the film and TV world,” Bryant told us. “I’ve done so many different kinds of videos throughout the years, but when it came to ‘Where the Good Ones Go,’ I really wanted to take people to where I go to talk to God, to pray, and to get my mind in the right place.”

Watch the video exclusively on Holler below.

Cayo del Grullo is the third project on Bryant’s five-part EP series, and the follow up to Summerville and Ashland City, released earlier this year. Each project is named after pivotal cities and moments in his life as a prolific creator.

‘Where the Good Ones Go’ featuring Jake Owen is out now on Alazan Records/EMPIRE

Written by Jof Owen
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