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EXCLUSIVE: Calder Allen Announces Sophomore Album Dreamers, Drifters and Hiders and Premieres New Single ‘Floating Shoes’

March 21, 2024 1:57 pm GMT

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Today Calder Allen announces his sophomore album, Dreamers, Drifters and Hiders, for May 3rd with a brand new single, ‘Floating Shoes,’ before heading out on tour with Miranda Lambert, Charles Wesley Godwin, The Red Clay Strays, and Cody Jinks this summer.

"The whole purpose of this song is the chorus,” says Calder Allen. “As it states, 'Don't go looking for no explanation, it will leave you wandering down an aisle of temptation.' It’s better sometimes to not look into the past too hard because in some circumstances it may just lead to manifesting negativity in the present."

Written by Allen with Caroline Hale, ‘Floating Shoes’ is the kind of song we’ve come to expect from one of americana’s natural born outliers. It’s a song that sounds like it’s been dragged up from some deep dark corner of the earth and brought into life kicking and screaming against its will.

It's the kind of song it’s easy to lose yourself in. Like an oddly disquieting fever-dream, the song twists and writhes away as a squawking fiddle and an acoustic guitar jangle around Calder Allen’s brooding drawl.

Listen to ‘Floating Shoes’ exclusively on Holler below.

Calder Allen is a fifth generation Texan, a tried and true Austinite. His family on his mom’s side settled in the state capital in the 1890s. His dad’s side settled in Lubbock, and with that combination one can’t help but notice the deep-rooted Texan Earth from which he emerged. Growing up, he was surrounded with creativity and freedom.

“I was always encouraged and given the freedom to express myself in whatever way I wanted; nothing was and still is not off limits,” he explains, noting the influence his grandfather Terry Allen has had on him. “More than just being inspired by my grandpa’s music - don’t get me wrong, I am completely inspired by him - I was more influenced by the opportunity to talk openly and create openly with no expectations on what that would be.”

Calder has always written poems and stories, drawn and illustrated, but his true passion was always music. He began taking it seriously after tearing his ACL for a second time in high school. He hasn’t looked back since.

After attending the University of Montana for about two months, Calder returned home to Austin to pursue music full time, where he discovered a new side of the city.

“Discovering music as a participant was so different from going to shows,” he explains.After writing several songs during the Covid-19 pandemic, Calder approached family friend Charlie Sexton, hoping the legendary songwriter would critique his songs. Sexton took it one step further, and wanted to work with Calder. Working with Charlie was a full circle moment for Allen. The first time Calder was in the studio, it was at Arlyn Studios to watch his grandfather, Terry Allen, record his album Moby Dick, which Charlie produced. Charlie has been integral to Calder’s musical journey and produced both his first and second albums, and he plays drums and, more intriguingly, jello bowl on ‘Floating Shoes.'

Dreamers, Drifters and Hiders is out on May 3rd.

Written by Jof Owen
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