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Evan Honer Is On A Speedy Track To Stardom (Even Though He Says Otherwise) With New Song 'Nowhere Fast'

January 12, 2024 4:50 pm GMT

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2023 saw an influx of new, acoustic-driven singer-songwriters entering the scene, largely fueled by the rise of behemoth acts like Zach Bryan, Tyler Childers and Noah Kahan.

While the three of them were busy carving a spot for folk-leaning country in the mainstream, the floodgates were opened for new, rising talent to fill in the spaces.

One of those young entertainer's on the cusp of stardom who took the horse by the reigns is Evan Honer.

Following a year chock-full of hit releases, including his standout single 'idk shit about cars', he's kicking off 2024 in much of the same fashion with his new song 'Nowhere Fast'.

Finding the Arizona native wrestling with the weight of his newfound stardom and fitting into the mold of his family and friends' expectations, the song falls into line with several of his recent stream of consciousness songs that read kind of like a diary entry.

Like his vulnerable 'Too Far Gone' released last March, 'Nowhere Fast' speaks to how difficult chasing his dreams of being a musician have been for the 23-year-old.

Throughout the song, Honer makes mention of his worry of his family's perception of his career, including at the all-too-relatable family Christmas.

In the chorus, he sings: "They're saying / That boy's going nowhere fast / He can't get his head out his ass / He's chasing the devil, he's too high to realize this pipe dream / It ain't gonna last".

However, by the song's end he's found a way to subtley shake off the criticism, saying: "Well the voices just get so damn loud / But I'm steady drowning it out, if you're wondering where I'm at / You'll be happy to know that I'm going nowhere fast".

Traditionally, the phrase "going nowhere fast" is used to show that something isn't going according to plan or showing much progress, but that's the farthest thing from how we would describe Evan Honer.

After auditioning for American Idol and failing to advance past the first round, Honer has been full steam ahead as he's released song after song to mounting acclaim from his ever-growing legion of fans.

He'll be hitting the road for his first headlining tour this spring, with 20 stops slated throughout the winter and early spring.

As one of the fastest rising entertainers in the folk-country space, Honer will have all eyes on him this year as his star continues to rise.

And, following the release of 'Nowhere Fast', 2024 will surely include another onslaught of new music along the way, too.

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Written by Lydia Farthing
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