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Elles Bailey Returns With New Album, Shares Energetic Lead Single ‘Enjoy The Ride’

April 2, 2024 11:24 am GMT

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One of the UK's beloved roots singer-songwriters is back with more than just a fresh batch of songs; Elles Bailey returns with a new perspective, too, one she'll be showcasing on her forthcoming effort, Beneath The Neon Glow.

“This album broke me apart and made me whole all at the same time," the 'What's the Matter with You' vocalist shares of the album. "It’s been a real journey of discovery both melodically, lyrically, musically and personally with some of the songs written through some really dark moments and others during the highest of highs”.

Beneath The Neon Glow, which arrives Aug. 9, is set to be rife with some of Bailey's most profound songtelling yet. Even though just 10 tracks long, it's an expansive album that delves deep thematically, touching on heartbreak, friendship and the power of love.

“It’s definitely been the hardest, but most rewarding record I have made to date," Bailey adds. "I’m not gonna lie, trying to find the creative headspace to write a record, and then being present during the mixing process when you have a toddler and you’re trying to be the best parent you can be, is definitely a struggle, but it’s been worth it”.

With the news of the release, Bailey has shared the album's energetic opening number 'Enjoy The Ride,' a driving seize-the-day anthem.

Of the track, the artist shared, “Very early on in my career a friend told me that this musical path I had chosen doesn't have a destination, it's a journey, a very tough journey and it's so important to enjoy the journey. I have based my whole career on this motto and ‘Enjoy the Ride’ is my autobiographical tribute to the journey I have taken. It's not always easy, in fact most of the time it's incredibly challenging, but I love it!”


Beneath The Neon Glow Tracklist:

1. Enjoy The Ride
2. Ballad of a Broken Dream
3. Leave The Light On
4. 1972
5. Silhouette In a Sunset
6. Truth Ain’t Gonna Save Us
7. If This Is Love
8. Let It Burn
9. Love Yourself
10. Turn off The News

For more on Elles Bailey, see below:

Written by Alli Patton
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