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Dylan Scott Releases New Deluxe Album, ‘Livin’ My Best Life (Still)’

March 28, 2024 11:17 am GMT
Last Edited March 29, 2024 9:48 am GMT

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Dylan Scott has released the deluxe version of his much-loved 2022 album, Livin’ My Best Life (Still), with the new project including the viral fan-favourite, ‘What He'll Never Have’.

The popular Louisiana crooner has been teasing ‘What He'll Never Have’ across TikTok, with listeners clamouring for Dylan Scott to make the infectious, cleverly composed track available. Now, thankfully, he's obliged, with the earworm featuring on Livin’ My Best Life (Still) alongside other stellar new offerings such as ‘Me and My Kind’, ‘What I'd Want Mine To Say’ and ‘Heartbeat Of America’.

Speaking to Holler ahead of the project's release, Dylan Scott underlined how much he's been looking forward to lettings fans hear the new music, “Excited to share what we’ve worked so hard on the last few months. These songs really reflect who I am as a person, and I hope people can feel what I feel when I sing these”.

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2024 | Curb Records

The deluxe project adds ten tracks to Dylan Scott's widely celebrated Livin’ My Best Life album, with the revamped Livin’ My Best Life (Still) featuring the previously released ‘I'll Be a Bartender’, ‘Boys Back Home’ with Dylan Marlowe and Scott's current single, ‘This Town's Been Too Good to Us’. The latter is surging up the Country Radio chart, and looks set to join ‘Can't Have Mine (Find You A Girl)’, ‘Nobody’ and ’New Truck’ in the record's fast-growing arsenal of chart-toppers.

‘This Town's Been Too Good to Us’, co-written by some of Music City's premier songwriters, John Byron, Ashley Gorley, Taylor Phillips and Ryan Vojtesak, embodies the beat-driven, genre-fusing sound Dylan Scott has become synonymous with.

The single captures the spirit of the record as a whole, which finds Scott presenting an idyllic, rose-tinted snapshot into his rural upbringing and the lifestyle he relishes to this day.

Whether he's circling up around a bonfire with his rowdy best buddies on the raucous ‘Boys Back Home’, evocatively saluting the flag on the anthemic ‘Heartbeat of America’ or encouraging listeners to seize the day on the wistful, philosophical ‘Getting Out Alive’, Dylan Scott revels in toasting the magic of small town living.

With listeners also being treated to the official music video for ‘What He'll Never Have’ today (Friday, March 29), it's safe to say it's a good day to be a Dylan Scott fan.

For the full tracklist to Dylan Scott's Livin’ My Best Life (Still), see below:

1. This Town’s Been Too Good to Us
2. What He’ll Never Have
3. Boys Back Home feat. Dylan Marlowe
4. Me and My kind
5. I’ll Be a Bartender
6. What I'd Want Mine To Say
7. Heartbeat Of America
8. Getting Out Alive
9. New Truck
10. Amen to That
11. Can’t Have Mine (Find You A Girl)
12. In Our Blood feat. Jimmie Allen
13. Static
14. Lay Down With You
15. Boy I Was Back Then
16. Livin’ My Best Life
17. Killin’ Some Time
18. Ain’t Much Left Of Me
19. Leave Her Alone
20. Tough
21. Hell Out Of Me
22. Nobody
23. Good Times Go by Too Fast
24. Nothing To Do Town
25. Good Times Go By Too Fast (VAVO REMIX)
26. This Town’s Been Too Good to Us (VAVO REMIX)

For more on Dylan Scott, see below:

Written by Maxim Mower
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Dylan Scott - Livin' My Best Life

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