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Dolly Parton to Showcase Her 'Smoky Mountain DNA' in New Album

May 24, 2024 2:16 pm GMT

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Have you ever wondered what Dolly Parton is made of? Of course, the country icon is more than just a quarter rhinestones, a pinch of sass and a big dose of heart. Arriving soon to tell the full story is her forthcoming album, Smoky Mountain DNA – Family, Faith & Fables.

The 40-track album, dropping on Nov. 15, is set to explore the artist's heritage. Through music, she, alongside many of her immediate and extended kin, will retrace the lineage of her two families – her paternal side, the Partons, and the Owens on her mother's side – from their origins in 1600s Britain to their modern-day Appalachian roots.

“I cannot believe that it has been 60 years this month since I graduated from Sevier County High School and moved to Nashville to pursue my dreams,” Parton shared of her journey thus far, recalling how music has always been a family affair. “My Uncle Bill Owens was by my side for many years helping me develop my music. I owe so much to him and all the family members past and present who have inspired me along this journey. I am honoured to spotlight our families’ musical legacy that is my Smoky Mountain DNA.”

Produced by her cousin Richie Owens, Smoky Mountain DNA will not only feature the artist's living family members but will also showcase the voices of loved ones who have passed on, creating a beautiful tapestry of musical tradition fortified by deep familial bonds.

A four-part documentary series, featuring concert performances and interviews with family members, will accompany the release and offer an intimate glimpse into Parton and her family's life and legacy.

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Written by Alli Patton
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