Conner Smith performing live

Conner Smith Teases Beautiful New Unreleased Song, ‘Faith From A Farmer’

March 18, 2024 5:30 pm GMT

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Conner Smith has teased a brand new song, ‘Faith From A Farmer’, which finds the fast-emerging artist reflecting on the unique hardships faced by those who earn their living from the land.

Rather than dwelling on the negatives, however, Conner once again showcases the storytelling magic he became synonymous with on Smoky Mountains, particularly on songs such as ‘Meanwhile in Carolina’ and ’God Moments’. Here, he uses the tale of the farmer as a parable for holding onto faith during even the darkest of moments.

Across the intricate, understated strum of an acoustic guitar, the Tennessee singer-songwriter croons pensively as he paints the picture of a farmer working his fingers to the bone.

Conner Smith sets the scene through the opening verse, “He's up before the sun / He drinks his coffee black as the sky / Buttons up his shirt / Ball cap and yesterday's dirt ain't even dry”.

During the sinuous, evocative hook, the ‘Creek Will Rise’ hitmaker paints a visceral, heartwarming picture of the farmer's determination and unwavering belief that he'll get the help he needs before it's too late for his crop, “So he prays for the rain / And asks the Lord for just enough to feed his family / He knows you reap what you sow / So he drives the tractor ‘til her supper's waiting / Because you gotta work hard, but pray even harder / You can learn a lot about faith from a farmer”.

Conner Smith performed the track during the Big Machine UK showcase in the week leading up to C2C Festival 2024, with fans taking to social media to call for Conner to make the newly teased ‘Faith From A Farmer’ available to stream as soon as possible.

Unfortunately, with Conner Smith having only dropped his debut full-length album, Smoky Mountains, in January, we imagine he'll hold off on new music for the next few months.

Having said this, Conner has a highly prolific track record when it comes to single releases, so perhaps he won't want to hang around too long before he treats fans to new music. When he starts considering which songs he should share first, it's safe to say we're hoping ‘Faith From A Farmer’ is at the front of the queue.

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Written by Maxim Mower
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