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Charley Crockett Releases New Music Video for ‘I'm Just A Clown (Billy Horton Sessions)’

April 28, 2023 2:51 pm GMT
Last Edited May 3, 2023 3:20 pm GMT

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Charley Crockett has shared a brand new set of visuals to accompany the revamped edition of ‘I'm Just A Clown (Billy Horton Sessions)’, which is set to appear on his upcoming The Man From Waco (Redux) album.

‘I'm Just A Clown’ has always been one of the stand-out tracks from the original version of The Man From Waco, so fans are undoubtedly excited to see it being reimagined with a new video.

Throughout the atmospheric video, Charley Crockett charismatically delivers the evocative lyrics directly into the camera, as he sits in front of a grandiose dining room, with eccentric shots of Crockett in the desert being woven in every now and then.

Speaking about the new arrangement for ‘I'm Just A Clown’, Crockett explained, “I’ve always been a folk songwriter, and if your tune really holds up you oughta be able to present it with any kind of band or arrangement and have the story show through. On ‘I’m Just A Clown,’ it started out as a three chord barroom Honky Tonk number and then I went soul on it. Here we went and flipped it all around again using the same darker chords but in more of a late ‘60s folk colour”.

The Texas singer-songwriter's new project, The Man From Waco (Redux), is due to be released on May 26, and will include alternative versions of ‘July Jackson’, ‘Just Like Honey’, the title-track and ‘Tom Turkey’.

The latter was one of the key topics of interest during Charley Crockett's high profile appearance on The Daily Show last week, during which he opened up about the process of completing Bob Dylan's unreleased demo and transforming it into ‘Tom Turkey’.

The new music video arrives shortly before Charley Crockett is due to take the stage at Willie Nelson's 90th birthday celebration concert at Los Angeles’ Hollywood Bowl this weekend.

Crockett is performing on both April 29 and April 30 as part of the special musical tribute to the country icon, which will also feature the likes of Chris Stapleton, Miranda Lambert, Tyler Childers and more.

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