Artist - Chapel Hart The Long Road Festival 2023 2 by Kendall Wilson

Chapel Hart Deliver UK Debut Performance at The Long Road Festival 2023

August 27, 2023 10:40 am GMT

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Photography by Kendall Wilson

Taking to the Front Porch stage as Saturday evening started to heat up at The Long Road Festival 2023, Chapel Hart brought all the characteristic humour, groove and wide-eyed energy required to really kick off the night's debauchery.

The Poplarville, Mississippi hailing trio - consisting of sisters Danica Hart and Devynn Hart alongside their cousin Trea Swindle - are known for their unapologetic brand of Southern sass, and the UK crowd lapped it all up, arms in the air and shoulders swaying from the get-go.

Kicking off with the lead single from their record, Glory Days, the group didn't waste any time in showing off their honeyed harmonies and powerhouse vocals. Diving straight into '4 Mississippi', the choreographed moves came out loud and proud and got the crowd moving along joyously.

"We don't have a UK tour planned", the group commented, "but, can we do a tour in the UK with you guys?", answered resoundingly by a franticly screaming crowd. The response was clear, and on that energy they rode into the feminist banger, 'This Girl Likes Fords'.

Having first gained their fame from competing on America's Got Talent - there debuting their hit tune 'You Can Have Him Jolene' - Chapel Hart then went on to explain how, after they first performed the song, Dolly had reached out to say how much she loved it. They went on to share that shortly after that, Loretta Lynn messaged them and told them to try the same thing with one of her songs.

"Y'all, we are three blessed women and we don't take that for granted. So, if y'all don't mind, would you like to hear which song we decided to do of Loretta's?", they asked, before launching into fan-favourite 'Welcome to Fist City'.

As the weekend's sets had gone so far, Chapel Hart's Front Porch performance was likely one of the most well attended and euphoric. Giving all the honky tonk, soul sister, won't-take-your-shit energy, these gals are whiskey bent and hellbound, and boy, are they back in town.

Chapel Hart - Setlist

Taken from their performance at The Long Road festival in Leicestershire, UK on Saturday 26th August

1. Glory Days

2. 4 Mississippi

3. This Girl Likes Fords

4. Welcome to Fist City

5. Girls Are Back In Town

6. You Can Have Him Jolene

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Written by Ciara Bains
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