Callista Clark

Callista Clark Shows Off All Her Musical Sides in New Video

June 3, 2021 3:45 pm GMT
Last Edited May 25, 2023 12:20 pm GMT

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Don't put 17-year-old country singer Callista Clark in a box. As she sings on her single, 'It's Cause I Am', she's one of a kind.

Clark embodies that in her new music video for the song, which she co-wrote with Cameron Jaymes and Laura Veltz.

She plays a 60s folk singer, a 70s disco queens and an 80s punk rocker, trying on different styles and personalities to fit her mood.

Audrey Ellis Fox directed the visual. It opens on a car ride down a sunny stretch of highway. Clark asks the cute boy driving her around if he wants to listen to some music - but he admits he doesn't really like it.

Big mistake.

That line sets off Clark's song. "You want a one dimensional woman / It's ok, I understand / If I seem too complicated for ya / Mmm, it's 'cause I am", she sings on the upbeat, pop-country number, showcasing a self-assurance far beyond her age.

Clark's 'It's Cause I am' video marks her very first one. “I couldn’t be more excited to release my first music video!" she says.

"This is the kind of thing I’ve always dreamed about. Being on set and watching it come to life was surreal.

’It’s ‘Cause I Am’ has completely changed my life. I’m absolutely amazed by the way everything came together and I can’t wait for y’all to see it"!

Callista Clark is set to be a special guest on Holler Weekly in two weeks time! Subscribe to the podcast to be the first to hear it here.

Holler podcast co-host Baylen Leonard spoke with Clark in March. Read their conversation here.

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Written by Ciara Bains
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Callista Clark