Various Artists - Growing Up Country Volume One

Brett Young, Mickey Guyton and More Feature on New Children's Album, Growin’ Up Country: Vol. 1

June 23, 2023 7:00 am GMT

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Growin’ Up Country: Vol. 1, a brand new compilation project from Platoon, has been released today (June 23).

Country music fans are a wonderfully diverse and eclectic community. However, there is one trait that every single country aficionado has in common - the desire for there to be more of us.

Growin’ Up Country: Vol. 1, the new album featuring Brett Young, Mickey Guyton and more, has been designed to help introduce people of all ages to the magic of the genre.

The carefully curated combination of sweet, heartwarming songs and uptempo, dance-ready anthems are accessible and engaging enough to be enjoyed by children, while still being infectious and intricate enough for parents to jam out to as well.

Throughout the various star-studded tracks on Growin’ Up Country: Vol. 1, the most visceral and overwhelming feeling the listener gets is one of unbounded, wholesome joy.

Whether it's conveyed through the playful, endearing ‘ILY (Family)’ by Brett Young, or via Jaden Michaels’ cri-de-coeur about having a positive impact on the world around you, ‘Be Anything’, Growin’ Up Country: Vol. 1 has warmth, charm and elation laced into its very DNA.

This is epitomised on RaeLynn's fun, uptempo earworm, ‘Shake Your Boots’, which has already become the inspiration for an array of TikTok dance challenges.

Unbridled energy courses through ‘Shake Your Boots’, and the light-hearted track highlights that Growin’ Up Country: Vol. 1 is not an album to be played through your headphones while sat by yourself.

This is a nine-song living room soundtrack for all the ages, which serves as the perfect snapshot into the welcoming familiarity that underpins a plethora of country music.

Speaking about Growin’ Up Country Vol. 1, RaeLynn underlined her excitement at being involved in such a unique project, “As a momma, to be a part of this record is such a blast! My daughter loves music, especially country! ‘Shake Your Boots’ is her new favourite. Can’t wait to see so many kids make this record their anthem”.

In addition to Brett Young, Jaden Michaels and RaeLynn, Growin’ Up Country: Vol. 1 includes ‘This Is My Home’ by award-winning country star, Mickey Guyton, as well as tracks by Cale Dodds, Laci Kaye Booth, Jade Eagleson and Shaylen.

In the lead-up to the release, Guyton stressed the significance of Growin’ Up Country: Vol. 1, “When I was asked to be a part of this kids album, I couldn’t say yes fast enough. As a new mom, I feel it is so important to make music specifically for children so they can have something that is theirs to enjoy. They are after all our future and are so worth it”.

Jaden Michaels features twice on the project, with the singer-songwriter appearing on both ‘Be Anything’ and ‘Brave On’.

As well as the album being recognised as a stellar collection of tracks, there's an added sense of the distinctive value this kind of record will hold across all generations, with every member of the family able to tune into the inescapable jubilance of Growin’ Up Country: Vol. 1.

Platoon's Childrens Compilation, Growin' Up Country: Vol.1, is out now. The album can be listened to via your preferred digital streaming platform here.

Written by Maxim Mower
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