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Amanda Shires & Jason Isbell Perform 'The Problem' on Fallon

January 25, 2021 8:00 am GMT
Last Edited May 15, 2023 11:38 am GMT

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Amanda Shires and Jason Isbell took to The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon on Friday night (1/22) to perform Shires' impactful single ‘The Problem’.

Revisiting the song, written by Shires, on the day that marked the 48th anniversary of Roe v. Wade - the acoustic track tackles the difficult subject of abortion and depicts a couple having a candid and stark discussion about it.

With Isbell on guitar and Shires taking up the violin in the latter stages of the song, the emotion in the pair’s vocals as they answer one another is audible. Shires performed wearing a “My Body, My Choice” sweatshirt.

Earlier on Friday, Shires debuted an alternative version of the song featuring a diverse, all-star cast of women, singing in solidarity.

Shires stated that this is how she originally envisaged the song; she wanted it to sound like a conversation between a group of women.

In an exclusive conversation with Holler, Shires stated "There’s a lot wrong with sex education, in my experience. There’s a lot to say, and a lot that needs hearing down here. It’s past the point of abstinence."

‘The Problem’ by Amanda Shires featuring Jason Isbell is out now, with all proceeds donated to The Yellowhammer Fund.

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