The ultimate country christmas gift guide

The Best Country Christmas Gifts 2021

December 6, 2021 1:00 pm GMT
Last Edited June 26, 2023 11:15 am GMT

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Ah, Christmas. It's that time of year once again; when it's snowing in the pines, Kenny's in need of a real good tan and you realise Santa looks a lot like your Dad.

For any typical country fan like us, we celebrate it no differently than anyone else - bar dunking the turkey in a vat full of boiling oil for the second time in a month.

Now the idea of gift buying can become a bit of a stress - what do you buy your Aunt Clarice other than a box of cookies that she'll never eat? Don't worry though, as this year, Holler has got you covered.

The team have put their investigative hats on and scoured the internet to find the best gifts for that country fan in your life.

From Midland's moreish Tequila (trust us, Jof and Ross are still drunk now) to Lego figurines of their favourite stars, this is Holler's ultimate country Christmas gift guide.

<p>Holler's Ultimate Country Christmas Gift Guide</p>

Taylor Swift's 'All Too Well' Knit Scarf

Holler Country Music

Has your best friend not stopped listening to the 10-minute version of 'All Too Well' since it was released? Are they still filling Jake Gyllenhal's DMs with obscene rage?

Then perhaps the famous scarf that Taylor refers to in the song is the perfect gift to get them to calm down and into the Christmas spirit. #swifties x

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Cameos From Your Favourite Country Stars

Holler Country Music

Is someone in your family obsessed with Thomas Rhett? Has your mum not stopped listening to Deana Carter since 1995?

Then why not get them a super special personalised message from their favourite country stars!

Have Josh Turner sing them 'Away in the Manger', Lonestar harmonise a Christmas wish or Carly Pearce drink mulled wine and tell them how special they are to you.

What more could they ask for?

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Midland's Insolito Tequila

Holler Country Music

It's safe to say, we know our country cocktails here at Holler.

All the best stars will have their own signature beverage range ready for sale this Christmas season.

But our particular favourite of them all is the Insolito Tequila, crafted by our favourite cowboys in Midland.

If you're looking to brew up some tequila sunrises fit for a New Year's party, these are the bottles for you!

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Country Bumper Stickers And More From Not Bad Illustration

Holler Country Music

We're huge fans of the Georgia-based independent illustrator Taylor Rushing.

We've not stopped rockin' our favourite Honky Tonk Queens t-shirts at the office, and have plastered the walls with 'George Jones Fan' and 'Neil Young is my Uncle' Stickers.

The Holler HQ van takes to the roads of East London sporting these groovy bumper stickers, too.

Get high on bluegrass and keep on pickin' that country music, y'all.

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Tickets To The Long Road Festival 2022

Holler Country Music

Now, what a treat this would be! Our friends at The Long Road Festival in the UK have put 2021's cancellation behind them and are driving full speed ahead towards August Bank Holiday 2022.

Marty Stuart, The Cadillac 3 and Brandy Clark have all been announced, along with plenty more. You can gift a ticket to a friend below.

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Kacey Musgraves' Star-Crossed Broken Heart Necklace

Holler Country Music

If this was a Movie, and you were the Breadwinner in the house, you'd be seen as an Angel for buying your broken-hearted friend this star-crossed necklace courtesy of a certain Kacey Musgraves.

So get your head out of your Camera Roll and gift a BFF this lovely jewel.

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New West Records Vinyls

Holler Country Music

Our friends at New West know how to get in the festive spirit. Since Black Friday, they've been releasing exclusive, limited-edition versions of their artists' best records on vinyl.

So, if your Dad's a big Steve Earle fan, or if your siblings have fallen head over heels for The Pink Stones and The Secret Sisters, you should check out what's on offer here.

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"What Would Dolly Do?" Mug

Holler Country Music

Tuesday afternoon, 3:30pm. You're stuck at your desk, the day's dragging, motivation's low and, dear Lord, the weekend is still SO far away.

In these times of sheer and utter boredom, we've found the best thing to do is make ourselves a nice cup of tea and get philosophical with our lovely 'What would Dolly do?' mugs.

(Realistically, Dolly's 9 to 5 days are long gone, so she's unlikely to have this problem, but some of us aren't quite so lucky yet).

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Amanda Shires' 'Ho Ho Hopeless' Trucker Hat

<p>Amanda Shires Trucker Cap</p>

With her new festive album For Christmas out now, it feels like the perfect time for Amanda Shires to release a range of festive clothing for everyone to sport.

In typically dry form, Amanda shares her thoughts on the season candidly, and your friends can feel humbug too with this casually hopeless trucker cap.

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Lego Garth, Dolly, Johnny & June!

Holler Country Music

Now here's a Christmas treat for any country music fan.

Collect Garth Brooks, Dolly Parton, Johnny Cash & June Carter for the country lover in your life - in Lego form!

Whether they form their own lego country supergroup or collect dust on the shelf, the opportunities are endless with these little treasures.

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Written by Ross Jones
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