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The Best Carrie Underwood Revenge Songs

November 6, 2023 11:42 am GMT

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Carrie Underwood knows a thing or two about revenge.

Not only has she taken a baseball bat to a cheater’s car but she’s killed a man or two – at least in song. Across her catalog, the singer-songwriter has delivered countless wonderfully dark tales that’ll quench your thirst for revenge.

Here, we’ve wrangled Underwood’s best revenge (and man-done-me-wrong) songs.

Arista Nashville | 2009

Dirty Laundry

'Dirty Laundry' gurgles with syncopated drums and gentle “ahh”s in the background. There’s something wonderfully haunting about the musical soundscape on which Underwood places her voice. When her character discovers her husband's lipstick-smeared button-up, it spells nothing but disaster.

19 Recordings | 2012

Good Girl

Underwood can rock with the best of ‘em. As evidenced by 'Good Girl', she extracted what worked so well for her in songs like ‘Before He Cheats’ and ‘Undo It’ and distilled it into a torrential performance. She crescendos on the notes with adeptness, working in time with the blistering guitar work and percussion. Her voice is as strong as ever, which begs the question: where’s that rock album?

Arista Nashville | 2009

Undo It

Underwood wishes she could erase the past. Jangly percussion and guitars characterize this Play On essential. With its foot-stompin’ hook, 'Undo It' riffs on 'Before He Cheats' as far as rock-influenced country goes. While it doesn’t reach the same lyrical heights, it sure strikes a fire under your feet to get that oh-so-sweet revenge.

19 Recordings | 2015


Off her most musically ambitious set Storyteller, ‘Chaser’ is less a revenge song as it is a mournful heartbreaker. “Yeah, boy, you’re nothing but a chaser,” howls Underwood under the delicate neon glow of production. Slickly produced, the mid-tempo draws a razor over the heartstrings with the singer planted in the eye of an emotional downpour.

19 Recordings | 2012

Two Black Cadillacs

With the music video taking cues from John Carpenter’s Christine, 'Two Black Cadillacs' stands as one of Underwood’s most expressive performances. When two women, a wife and a mistress, discover their man has been “lying to both of them for oh so long,” they conspire to kill him. And their revenge is wonderfully delicious.

Arista Nashville | 2009

Cowboy Casanova

Take it from Underwood. She knows a thing or two about toxic men. She warns as much with the slinky and sizzling ‘Cowboy Casanova’, in which she details a man who is “candy-coated misery” and should be avoided at all costs. And maybe we should all listen this time.

19 Recordings | 2012

Blown Away

One of her more ambitious songs, 'Blown Away' takes revenge on an abusive, alcoholic father. A young girl finds herself in the middle of a twister, and instead of waking her father to take shelter, she leaves him asleep upstairs. Underwood’s voice has always been excellent, but here, she displays colorful new shades of her talents.

19 Recordings | 2015

Church Bells

In a three-verse structure, 'Church Bells' tells the tale of an abused wife who exacts her revenge through a poisoned concoction. It’s among Underwood’s boldest entries on this list, particularly musically. Heavy guitars warble, with Underwood packing a 1-2 sucker punch with her vocals. “He hit a woman for the very last time,” she sings.

19 Recordings ltd. | 2005

Before He Cheats

Everyone knows 'Before He Cheats'. It’s among the defining smash hits from the mid-aughts. Jilted and out for revenge, Underwood digs her “key into the side of his pretty little supped-up four-wheel drive,” among other things. It’s the ultimate revenge (without killing the man).

Arista Nashville | 2009

Songs Like This

“I wanna find some boy, rip his heart right out,” sings Underwood. 'Songs Like This' gives the singer plenty of catharsis, without damaging the cheater’s car or, you know, killing him. Sometimes, you just have to go off and vent a little bit. Why not immortalize it in songs like this?

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Written by Bee Delores
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