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The Best Caamp Songs

January 10, 2024 10:15 pm GMT
Last Edited January 11, 2024 6:57 pm GMT

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"Ohio boys, making beautiful noise" reads Caamp’s Instagram bio, and there’s really no better way to put it.

The four-piece folk band have one of the most distinctive sounds around. Bringing together delicate banjo playing with some of the most gorgeous, grittiest vocals you ever did hear, Caamp have the kind of catalogue you just put on shuffle and know you won’t need to skip.

Here's the 15 best Caamp songs, according to Holler.

Caamp | 2018


There are few things more joyful than Evan Westfall’s opening banjo chords to this track.

As Meier sings of a love-filled fantasy life and the banjo’s intricate notes carry his words, there’s just no way to not tap your foot along and reminisce on your own first love.

Caamp | 2016


A wintry lullaby, this single starts with slow strums and culminates in a repeated piano note that amps up the song’s forlorn nature with closing lyrics, "Step off, see if I can fly / Don’t care if I live or die”.

It’s a hard-hitting tune that speaks stunningly to the loneliness of heartbreak.

By and By Records | 2022

Apple Tree Blues

With words that Meier described as falling out of his mouth, this was an instant hit with the band and there’s a clear chemistry between all the instruments, creating a wonderful harmony throughout the song.

It’s a true country bop, complete with plucky banjo, twangy electric guitar and beautiful lyrics.

Caamp | 2018

Song For A Friend

If you ever need to comfort a heartbroken compadre, just put this track on and it’ll say it all for you.

Simple but effective seems to be the band’s foremost lyrical format, and nothing sums that up better than the repeated mantra, “Don’t count yourself out, baby / You’re good for another round”.

Caamp | 2018

Send the Fisherman

If you’re ever looking for a little light to help brighten up a dark day, this here is a beacon for you.

Perhaps their most uplifting track of all, ‘Send the Fisherman’ is an anthem for those struggling against the tide – a reminder of our own resilience and the importance of friendship.

Caamp | 2016

See The World

Bringing the banjo right into the fore, this song is a perfect mixture of "let's quit our jobs and live on the road" whilst also making you want to stay exactly where you are and sit around a campfire with everyone you love.

It's quite a feat for a 2 minute and 18 second song.

By and By Records | 2022


What began as a simple soundcheck staple is now a single that truly showcases the incredible sound of Meier’s soulful, husky vocals.

‘Believe’ sees the banjo take a slight step back as the band church it up with soaring notes and the instruction, “You better grab the keys and leave the dogs at home”.

It’s the kind of song that makes you wish you were watching them live.

By and By Records | 2022

The Otter

It may be uncommon to describe a song as adorable, but there’s no other way here.

Uplifting and meandering, Meier revealed he wrote the song sitting in the footwell of their tour van as it gently rained outside – and that’s exactly what it sounds like.

By and By Records | 2019

By And By

A moment for self-reflection and questions, the song is peppered with an open-ended angst and really exhibits the true depths of the band’s songwriting abilities.

Somewhere between feelings of solitude and regret, it manages to maintain a kind of optimism that leaves the listener at peace.

By and By Records | 2022

Hello World

Every great band’s musical arsenal must contain a great love song, it's just the rules. And this is a true contender.

I mean, who wouldn’t want to be told by the love of their life that “I'd never danced / 'Til I danced with you my love”? But the song's not that simple.

The listener is left wondering what the full story behind Meier’s perfect vocals really mean as he signs off, “Lavender girl, take me back in your heart”.

Caamp | 2016


You can’t talk about Caamp’s best songs without mentioning 'Vagabond'.

A fanciful tale of the adventurous spirit, it's probably the band’s most recognisable song, with an addictive mid-song tempo change and precursory, hollering “yup” that leaves you listening out for it every time.

Caamp | 2016


There’s something about the combination of Caamp’s setup that seems to frequently conjure a feeling of nostalgia, and this track is the flagship of those feelings.

A gentle brass section accompanies talk of growing up and moving on, creating what feels like their own ode to Ohio.

By and By Records | 2022


Caamp often convey a sense of longing in their music.

Whether it's for a person or a place, the past or the future, you seem to always be left looking out the window and wondering.

‘Snowshoes’ is a perfect example of longing for love and all the possibilities it brings as lead singer Taylor Meier sings, “But you keep starin’ at each other's mouths / Boy, go on, kiss her”.

By and By Records | 2019

Peach Fuzz

It’s hard to believe looking at his now majestic mustache, but there seems to have been a time that all Meier could muster was some innocent peach fuzz.

A song of innocence and inexperience, endearing lyrics are accompanied by a jolly banjo and lighthearted guitar strumming that have come together as the soundtrack of summertime.

Caamp | 2016

All The Debts I Owe

The opening track from 2016's self-titled, debut album, this was one hell of an introduction to the world, fit with heartbeat banjo, absorbing lyrics and immediate stand-out sound.

There’s nothing like the intrinsic thread between folk music and storytelling, and here we find Caamp continuing the tradition with a tale of owed debts and escaping them.


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Written by Rosie Down
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