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The Best Bailey Zimmerman Songs

May 19, 2023 1:32 pm GMT
Last Edited February 26, 2024 12:26 pm GMT

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Bailey Zimmerman never dreamed of being a singer, let alone becoming one of the hottest new country artists of the moment.

Now, he’s both.

Bailey is one of those people with a ‘why not’ attitude that has paid off big time. The Illinois native was happily getting his hands dirty laying gas pipe in West Virginia, until one day he decided to post a snippet of a song on TikTok. It went viral overnight.

Within a week, he’d quit his job and union, ensuring there was no turning back, then told his mom he was going to be an artist and buy a new truck.

Fast forward to the present and Zimmerman has a new album, a new truck and the songs to back up the buzz. But which are our favourites? Here is Holler’s Best Bailey Zimmerman songs list.

Warner Music Nashville / Elektra | 2021

Never Comin' Home

Suffice to say, this breakup did not go well.

If you’re still bitter about a breakup, listen to this song and you’ll feel absolutely zen in comparison. An angry, hurt, Bailey rocks and, in case you didn’t get the message, he ain’t. comin’. home.

This is the song that the initial viral Tik Tok snippet grew into.

Warner Music Nashville / Elektra | 2023

You Don't Want That Smoke

Uh oh. Bailey’s been burned again, and he’s gonna do you a solid by saving you from the heartbreak he’s been through.

Look, he gets it, you’re falling for her. Everything seems like it’s headed in the right direction. Sure, you’re captivated, who wouldn’t be!?

She’s into you, it’ll be different this time, the past is in the past… or is it?

Warner Music Nashville / Elektra | 2023


We’re suckers for some bluegrass at Holler. While this song isn’t strictly something you’d hear around Bill Monroe’s front porch, the underpinning is there. With a nod to more traditional sounds and a great hook, Bailey shows off his depth.

Warner Music Nashville / Elektra | 2023

Other Side of Lettin' Go

If you are looking for a song to sing in the shower, one that ensures you can hit every note that will make you feel like you can actually sing, this is it.

Sometimes that’s all you need in a song. Fortunately, it also has some smart lyrics that paint a picture that ain’t pretty but certainly feels real.

Warner Music Nashville / Elektra | 2022

House On Fire

Country people love to set shit on fire.

Johnny with his ring, Eric with his heart, Kenny and the whole damn world, all while Garth is just standing outside watching.

Now, Bailey has the matches and is gonna burn down the metaphorical house to save the relationship. Let’s see how that goes. It’s like he learned nothing from Lisa Left Eye Lopez. Great song though, even if it’s bad advice.

Warner Music Nashville / Elektra | 2023


Lots of country songs lean heavily on religion and the good Lord above, but if you are looking for that kinda spiritual experience, this song ain’t it.

It's nice to hear a new artist leaning on the old tropes while using them to create something completely different and fresh.

Warner Music Nashville / Elektra | 2023

Forget About You

HARDY's rock-inspired influence is laced throughout this stormy, brooding track, with Bailey once again showcasing his ability to transform a heartbroken track into an infectious earworm. His distinctive vibrato is on full display throughout, giving the anthemic hook an added sense of intensity as he croons across the fiery electric guitars.

Undoubtedly one of the hidden gems on Religiously, you can't help but feel ‘Forget About You’ would've gone the distance if it had been given its chance to shine on Country Radio.

Warner Music Nashville / Elektra | 2023

Rock and A Hard Place

"It ain’t broke yet / but damn it needs fixin' / it’s been awhile since your kiss felt like kissin’"

Sheeeew, we’ve all been there, but few have been able to put it so succinctly or let’s face it, so hurtfully.

There are hard truths in this song that aren’t easy to say, but even more difficult to hear. It was his first country radio No.1, and certainly won't be his last.

Warner Music Nashville / Elektra | 2023

Fixin' to Break

You know that stage of a relationship when you’re like "Wait, is this something or is this going nowhere?" and it's got to the point where you just can't seem to get an answer from the other person? That’s this.

You are in love, but are they? They just won’t tell you, so you have to write a whole damn song about it, and you still don’t get an answer. ARGGHHHH.

Warner Music Nashville / Elektra | 2023

Fall In Love

Bailey says most of his songs are written about the same girl and that he has never told her, but surely she must know.

Imagine minding your business, driving down the road in your new home of South Carolina (you moved there like you always said you would), twiddling your sparkling wedding ring from your new husband, all while trying to forget about your ex, Bailey!

Then, 'Fall In Love' comes on the radio and you realise….it’s about YOU!

You’d have to pull over and take a moment, otherwise, the cops are never going to believe you when you miss that stop sign.

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Written by Baylen Leonard
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