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Brittney Spencer

GUIDEHoller's New for 2022: 10 Artists to Watch

Holler's pick of 10 artists that will take 2022 by storm

Holler Country Music

GUIDEA Guide To: A Thanksgiving Menu from the Stars

The Holler team trial country stars' favourite Thanksgiving recipes, courtesy of in-house chef and resident American, Baylen Leonard.

Bluegrass 1961

GUIDEA Guide To: The World's First Bluegrass Festival, 1961

To modern ears, bluegrass might seem like an eternally safe space for close harmonies, collaborative musicianship and everyone uniting to preserve tradition. But initially, the reality was somewhat different, and by the time the very first bluegrass festival took place on July 4th 1961, it was all-out war.

Holler Country Music

GUIDEGone Country

We take a look at 10 occasions non-country artists hit the motherload and unexpectedly came up with some (fairly) solid country classics.

Cousin Minnie Pearl & Roy Acuff At the Grand Ole Opry

GUIDEA Guide To: Comedy In Country

Comedy and humour are deeply rooted in country music’s foundations - and not just in specific songs or performances, but in its very culture.

Graphic - Holler Country Cocktails 1

GUIDEA Guide To: Country Singers' Cocktails

Are we drunk or is he drunk? Are you drunk? We really don’t know what’s going on anymore. Time we called it a night. Happy World Cocktail Day!