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Video Premiere: The Shootouts - 'Another Mother'

April 29, 2021 1:30 pm GMT
Last Edited November 15, 2023 5:08 pm GMT

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It's hard to process the grief you feel when losing someone you love; let alone channel that into a form of creativity so you can understand it further. Everyone experiences anguish in different ways, but common ground lies in the time that's needed to heal.

When Ryan Humbert, lead singer and guitarist of The Shootouts, lost his mother suddenly in late 2018, he spent a year trying to find the right way of turning sorrow into a celebration of her life. He yearned to write something that would spread the right message - realising that at its heart was the importance of expressing love.

What came of this was 'Another Mother', a stark and moving homage that urges you to always let those close to you know how much they are loved. He's bruised and vulnerable but utterly grateful for the life and love he's received; spreading a sense of care and warmth in a time of deep despair.

Premiering today at Holler, The Shootouts have now shared an acoustic version of the song - a bare, exposed recording that ensures the message of not taking love and attachment for granted is clear. Humbert and Emily Bates' heartfelt harmonies cement the feeling that this notion is shared, while the aching violin leaves space for poignant consideration in an already stark yet beautiful moment.

The Shootouts' new record, Bullseye, is out now via Soundly Music.

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