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Video Premiere: Tenille Townes - 'White Horse (Live at Exit/In)'

September 13, 2022 1:00 pm GMT
Last Edited May 9, 2023 3:49 pm GMT

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Everyone loves Tenille Townes! Hers are the songs that we’ve been blasting out of our little Bose speakers ever since we first heard them back in 2020. However much we might love those songs on record, there’s undeniably still something about seeing and hearing Tenille play these songs live that makes them feel even more magical.

Two-time ACM award-winning singer Tenille Townes will premiere her first full-length headlining concert film exclusively on her Facebook on 14th September at 7pm BST.

The hour-long film allows Tenille Townes fans all around the world to see the Canadian singer playing songs from The Lemonade Stand, including ‘Somebody’s Daughter’, ‘I Kept The Roses’ and ‘Jersey On The Wall’, as well as songs such as ‘Light In Your Eyes’ and ‘Same Road Home’ from her latest EP, Masquerades.

Tenille is also joined by special guest BRELAND for their very first performance of ‘Shared Walls’.

Holler is exclusively premiering ‘White Horse’ ahead of Tenille’s full show Facebook premiere tomorrow.

“That’s my favourite song to start a show with”, she told us. “It has a fire to it, that makes me feel like the most confident and fierce version of myself and I love kicking off that show with that song”.

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For all of us who weren’t lucky enough to be there on the night, here’s a chance for us to enjoy these songs in the magnificent setting of Nashville’s beloved Exit/In.

We sat down with Tenille to ask her a bit about that night, what it’s like being up their in the spotlight and the life-changing first concert she ever went to.

Can you tell us a bit about that night at Exit/In?

That show was a special one. It was the first time playing all of the songs from the new EP Masquerades live, and it meant so much to hear people singing along. We also split the show to reflect both sides of who I am with the first half representing the introvert and songwriter, and the back half with songs that brought forward my more rocking side.

How do you prepare for a show?

I warm up my voice a bit while getting ready, and we’ve got a fun pre show ritual that involves dancing in the dressing room to some 80’s tunes, and then huddling up for a little prayer and strange chant that makes no sense to people but it’s our thing!

Tell us about the first time you performed live?

I’ve been singing ever since I was a little kid! My first official gig was singing the national anthems at our local hockey games. And my first set with a band was at our country music festival in my home town, I was so excited to step on that stage then and still have the same feelings now!

Is there anything you always do just before you go on stage?

I’m always a bundle of nerves standing in the wings before the show starts, but we do a round of high fives with my band just before we go out there, and the second I see everyone in the audience and feel the music start, all the voices in my head are silenced and I feel at home.

What do you want the audience to get out of a Tenille Townes live show?

I hope they feel a part of a community. I hope anyone coming to one of my shows feels welcomed walking through the doors, knowing they can show up and be exactly who they are, and that we can feel connected through shared emotions and stories in these songs.

What’s on your rider?

We’re a little boring when it comes to the rider! Always love a little hummus and grapes and pretzels and I’m good to go ha!

What do you like to do after a show?

We always like to talk about any funny or surprising moments that happened in the show. Maybe a little cheers and then we pack up the van and head to the next city! Sometimes we play some catch phrase or jam to our favourite records while we drive!

What was the first ever concert you went to?

Shania Twain in Edmonton, Alberta. Will never forget it as long as I live. I wore a costume to look like her Miami concert DVD and made a sign that said “Shania can I please sing with you”. She ended up randomly pulling me on stage. I was nine years old and that night lit a fire in me I hope to keep paying forward out there to the next ones chasing this dream.

What’s the best concert you’ve ever been to?

I’ve had the honour of opening up for so many of my heroes and getting to watch their shows. Miranda Lambert’s show is always my favourite. Her music is true art and watching people connect to that in a live show is one of the most beautiful things to witness.

Tenille Townes begins a world tour in October with shows in Canada, Australia, UK, Ireland, Netherlands and Germany before returning to the USA to open for George Strait in Texas. For tickets to any of the shows click here.

For more on Tenille Townes, see below:

Written by Jof Owen
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