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Video Premiere: Elliot C Way - 'Bleed'

May 23, 2022 1:00 pm GMT
Last Edited June 30, 2022 12:48 pm GMT

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Elliot C Way is a wild visionary with a heavy heart and a load-bearing soul, and his songs are the hard learned life lessons you come by when you lay it all on the line. An achingly honest steady burner set to a brooding country groove, ‘Bleed’ is the latest single from Vancouver’s “Vibe King”, and the follow up to last year’s ‘Angels and Ashes’.

‘The song is a tragic romance gone awry”, Way says. “It is a love lost. An empty heart and an empty home. There is a desperate plea to understand the why, and the relationship between the ones that give and the ones that take in this world”.

A trippy feast of B-movie green screens, practical effects and cartoonish gore, the video was written, directed and produced by Elliot C Way with Jeevin Johal and filmed by Rob Zawistowski, and it even stars Holler favourite Bob Sumner as a cowboy, alongside Kendel Carlson and Erik P.H. Nielsen.

Watch the video for ‘Bleed’ premiering exclusively at Holler below

Sometime around about a decade ago, inspired by songwriters like Townes Van Zandt, Kris Kristofferson and Neil Young, Elliot C Way picked up an acoustic guitar and took his obsession out on to the streets, playing outside of his home town of Fort Langley’s liquor store for enough money to buy a 6-pack and a packet of cigarettes. From there he moved on to playing small coffee houses before making the trip into the big city to cut his teeth in small clubs.

Around this time he also created The Moonshinin’ Music Fest - a catalyst for forming Vancouver’s folk, country and rock and roll scene. With the help of his best friend and mentor Bob Sumner, he carved out his own claim in the Vancouver musical landscape.

Along with Sumner, he also formed the North Country Collective; a tight knit grassroots community of musicians who operate as a music collective and record label based in the Pacific Northwest. After a decade of doing things on their own, they realized it made far more sense to combine forces and create a vehicle to help them achieve bigger and better things together with their honest and heart-felt country, folk and rock and roll.

In late 2019, Way took his band and a bunch of friends up for a week recording to Old Man Mountain, the house he was living in up on a hill in the farm country of Langley BC. Along with producer and bass player Erik P.H. Nielsen and his old pal Bob Sumner, Way cleared out the furniture and turned Old Man Mountain the home into Old Man Mountain the studio.

They spent the next five days and nights transforming Way’s deeply personal folk songs into cosmic funky grooves with lashings of big fuzzy electric guitars, a lonesome ghostly fiddle, spaghetti western strings and a sweetly sighing pedal steel; bringing out Way’s obsession with obscure 70s outlaw country records in this strange but familiar sounding new music.

'Bleed' is released on May 26th on North Country Collective

Written by Jof Owen
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